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IDK Legacy - SOL 1.2

Last time, SOL moved into a cute little house with JSYK. She had a few dates, got pregnant by Igor, and had twins, JFGI and JMO. At the end of the round she moved in Ramon, the former maid.

ROS is actually pretty reasonable, nothing too crazy. I can work with this. I like tame.

I really really love these portraits!! It's so amazing. Thank you again deedee_sims.

So someone just moved in, so now he's unemployed. Since he doesn't have a LTW for a career, he gets thrown into a job randomly. Welcome to Journalism Ramon.

Although his staying home does help that I don't need to hire a nanny. I bet the toddlers are happy about that.

SOL is making quick work of Education though. To think she started out with absolutely no skills coming to the new hood.

OMG! Why?! What is wrong with you?!

Woohoo!! LTW! Taking the job! The education career keeps losing people.

With both of them in careers, Nanny is needed now.

I don't really remember why I called for her to come now. Uggh why?!

Helle Almassy raemia, what happened to your skintone?! *makes note to pop into SimPE*

Time for the Salon, Ramon needs some new clothes, as does JSYK.

JSYK also got a makeover, albeit a bad one at first.

But it got so much better. Why don't these ladies have salon badges?

However, while Ramon was buying clothes, SOL tried to get it on with Guillermo, her cousin's boyfriend, but it failed. I don't even know anymore. Dude, she gave you $25000 last week.

Ramon didn't seem to mind what just happened, so who knows.

He doesn't even mind when SOL makes out with Thor Bork in front of him. Romance sims, what can you do with them?

Back at home, we have a few teens visiting. Ramon starts working on his body. He probably didn't get alot of exercise before.

Dinner time, I just love how the guys all strut around in their underwear.

Were you not potty trained? The toilet is 5 feet from you. Heck, the toddler potty is right behind you.

SOL has an early wake up for her new job, so she spends the little time before work bonding with her oldest.

Hey look lady, don't give dirty looks to the smart milk, I have toddlers to train with that.

She came home with a promotion, and Shawn Danielson deedee_sims walks by the lot. Maybe invite him in?

Due to a chance card, which I somehow didn't catch pictures of, poor Ramon got fired. Sorry buddy, but you can help me with ROS right now.

Ramon met Strike Leventhal, named for his creator, but it's ok. He won't be around much. Every time Ramon called, he never answered.

Meanwhile, we have glowing toddlers, which means it's close to birthday time.

SOL never touched the money AWOL sent her, still trying to figure out the computer transfer. Hey, free money sitting there is only gonna help later.

Someone's potty training. Look at those exciting faces.

While Ramon potty trains, Draven Space (by Frottana) steals a newspaper. I don't know if it's the old one or the new one.

Well that 3 kid want won't get filled with only one kid, so we need more...hopefully twins.

Forgot to have a party for them, I'm sorry kiddos.

Oh. That's just a warm welcoming face isn't it.

OMG! <3 you've won a place in my heart Ramon.

So with 2 new kids, we needed some beds, and other items. SOL took out some money from her account to afford it.

And then had some PDA with her boyfriend.

Oh no! No, no, no. Please be cramps, pleeeeease be cramps.


Ramon, meanwhile, looks for another job. Maybe I should take down the picture of her and Hibiscus Petal now?

Did this house get hit with the bad luck voodoo?! Seriously?!

At least he survived it. Poor guy has had a string of bad luck.

But, he did wind up with a new career in Entertainment.

Some glitching happened, and SOL walks around with some flying Zs. Not that it interferes with her flirting with Ramon,

or retrieving the grocery delivery,

or helping the kids with their homework. Also one of the kids came home with John Tucker Hunter.

You make being a mime look so good Ramon. *purrs*

Woohoo! Promotion!! Go Ramon.

Maxed enthusiasm for SOL. Great I guess?

So onto part 2, I don't random roll who it happens to. I just kind of pick the heir. So SOL has to become something by the end of the week. I am just leaving it upto fate to decide. Purple Sound brought no supernaturals.

We try Crypt O Club. From witch to vampire. Let's see how this goes.

SOL, sorry hunny but he is gay. You could try to flirt but it would get rejected. You don't need to flirt with every guy, you know.

I mean look, Hamlet MacDuff thinks you're gorgeous.

Sadly, most of the guys she has met have negative chemistry with. Hey I like to entertain the possibility.

Aule Space (Frottana) has also made an appearance. Those ears <3

Kirk Emery (simrenity) you know you can totally talk to her, after she's eaten.

SOL finally meets up with the Count. I do think he needs to see the dentist though with his glitched teeth.

SOL is exhausted. Well you found him, we can try to get that friendship up through the week.

Tristan Woods (Deedee) takes the time to greet her.

And to network with her. Ooooo gimme something good!!! (It was just the you're the coolest!)

Back at home, JSYK just quietly plays by himself while the others sleep. Poor kid, I hope he brings home friends. There's so many kids now.

Realized that Ramon didn't have a cell phone, so while SOL went to work, Ramon went to buy one.

I figure Ramon can have a nice day out. He immediately went for the hot tub, but at least Onyx Crayola (Leenyland) was there to keep him company.

Oooo Pat Parker, the warlock. Always good to have more supernatural friends when you have a supernatural challenge.

Hey, my girlfriend at home is looking to become a part of the occult. Any chance you wanna help out?

I could be tempted.

And Kristina the good witch shows up...and they aren't very happy with each other. Ramon headed home before the brawl.

Another rank up in the LTW. I dunno how far she is away though.

Yeeeees!! Bring home the children! Weird that there is only one kid coming home with everyone. Like they have cousins who are kids.

Family know what that means...

Yup, birthday time! First teen playable.

And someone grew up well. and he's so adorable too.

He rolled Popularity, who likes fit stinky people, but not in their underwear.

And he grew up platinum. Sweet.

Gender preference..he likes the ladies.

He seems to be getting along great with Uncle DNW, fast friends.

Until he tried to talk to the belly, DNW was not having any of that.

Hahaha, there would be only one reason why Igor is in his undies. Someone else had fun at the party. AWOL and ASAP were enjoying the pinball machine...because I never tend to buy my sims them ever.

Not bad! Someone had a good party then!! YAY!

o.0 Where could the whole family be off to?

Why, someone has a marriage want...let's fill that want.

Engagement photoshoot.

I clicked to get them married, but I don't know why this dress is on her. So we need a new wedding dress.

I sent them to the salon, I figured while there, the kids can get their makeovers, and JSYK could get some teen clothes.

She actually got it right the first time. I'm so proud of her. and OMG he has elf ears!!

Ya, I worry about getting the kids all settled after SOL is, and I come back to this.


Baby, you're so hott when you're mad.

You're about to see your own kidneys, you better shut up.

Then the abuse begins. She slapped him and all the kids ran. Guess there's no wedding today.

When did you even meet her?! Like love already?!

Home bound, Ramon tries to ease her furious mind with some sweet talking.

DO you know how much work went into this to get it back up that high?! She was like 40/25 when he sweet talked her.

Ramon invited over Pat and Pat hung out with SOL for hours. Need that witchiness, it's the end of the week.

Ramon went to work, and came home with another promotion. He better be playing nice with SOL for now.

Morning JMO.

Will you get out, I'm going to the bathroom.

After she was done, someone got some stubble. I may take it off again, but just needed to see if I liked it a bit better.

Well finally!! I worry. I think I should actually pick twins when she gives birth, but it goes against my nature of the random button.

*shrugs* Whatever. He doesn't have a career LTW.

Called up and invited Pat over. It's sunday night after all. He wanted to bring a friend, and brought Iago. Like I would ever say no to him.

After having to do lots of actions to up the lifetime relation bar, SOL finally becomes a witch! She may keep it, she may not...who knows.

Not that she's even willing to stay awake for her company.

And the week is over for SOL and her family. We have our first teen, and a pregnancy. Wedding is put on hold right now. I like how the old picture is above them, showing how they've grown.
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