TomMike (kingmike1224) wrote,

IDK Legacy 6.2

Last round, DNW moved into his house, and found his LTW job. ROS decided he needed to keep meeting aliens. He gave birth to twins, ILY and UFO.

What is with this ROS? He has kids but they aren't old enough yet. Major event, well he's not really in a relationship with anyone so *shrugs*.

What the hell did the nanny do to the house? It's so disgusting.

Oh and then to add to it, she peed herself. I give up.

That night, Castor Nova (Lesyasun) walks by the lot, so we greet him.

The twins are quite a handful, always in the damn toilet too.

A struggle to keep them happy for sure. I don't even know how they haven't been taken away yet.

But seriously, a whole mess of a house, I guess I need re-enforcements. Demon maid, I need you.

Castor, being the most adorable sim guest, actually entertains one of the toddlers. Bless you Castor.

Wait, so you are barely handling 2 kids, and you are now giving birth? Oh shit!

Even Castor is surprised by this.

Random as always.

I am so going to regret this! I really am.

/birth spam. DNW HAD QUADRUPLETS! One boy and 3 girls. At least they share a parent with John Tucker. I wonder if this means they are related? Boy - ALF, Girls - BSOD, DOB and CMB. I could have used that second set of hands ROS!!

Portraits. <3

Welcome to the really small cramped nursery. There was barely enough room for the cribs.

And the nannies love to just put the babies on the floor. Like why is this a thing?

One of the first times I've seen a penguin and he's talking about croissants with a giant snowball.

OMG! You are really nice, but don't make me kill you. I already killed the red headed nanny because she wouldn't actually nanny. She'd just be like a loafer.

Woohoo! Promotion...getting closer to that LTW.

OMG! a quiet moment and instead of cleaning your pee, you take a shower. I give up.

Chaos reigns supreme when quads are involved. I was very tempted to reload and make it a single but that wouldn't be very fair. Plus, Chaos has been fun.

At some point, DNW brought home Nyren Deer (Frottana) and well...they started romancing each other.

It was a day home alone with the quads..they are pretty tame except for one. Maybe we should pay attention to that one?

No, ok well you do you.

She is really pretty at least.

*shrugs* I don't even know if he's gonna get married anymore. I can't afford any more children.

As we can see, UFO is being a little pain in the butt in the back.

Random chick is in the background, i dunno who she is honestly.

There's too much going on to remember that, sorry.

At least the kids are keeping each other occupied. I'd feel bad if it was only one by themselves.

Game, you need a chill pill. Do you not see what is going on here.

Besides, he's sleeping. I can't exactly feed him right now.


Do you think you could not play that shit for a minute and actually go do some parenting? I see lots of smelly things.

Toddler skilling. oh boy.

Ghost nanny is out and about tonight.

Let's play shove as many sims in the smallest room in the house at once.

And the nanny decides to go after the kids. Seriously, I'm happy I killed you!

Awww he's just such a good dad. You know, when he's not stressed out about raising 4 kids.

OMG! Everyone is sleeping?! What dream is this?!

Well, until this one decides to scare one of the kids.

And I know what you're thinking, I posted the same picture twice...well I didn't. He got scared, peed, went back to bed and got woken up to be scared again.

And the round is over...Thankfully no more alien babies gestating this week. Maybe there will be no more chaos for him, but that will have to be seen next round.
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