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IDK Legacy - AWOL 1.2

Last round, AWOL won the lotto, but didn't forget to share the wealth. She quickly purchased and sold HOOPLA as it wasn't a great lot to be owned. She went out on a date with Newman Slyndsey and wound up pregnant. After asking out Guillermo, she rolled a want to get engaged, and he moved in. At the end, she found out she was pregnant again.

So ROS this round...I can do this...She'll have her night out before she gets married.

I still love how her house has turned out. It's actually very adorable.

And Marine is just chilling in his nursery. I really wish that they didn't want to be elves.

First part of ROS, lets head out on the town while Guillermo is at work.

Bar is actually got a few people in there, sometimes I usually get stuck with an empty lot for like an hour.

What on earth?! Not one guy here has any chemistry with her.

And then preggo Violet comes to the lot. Hey how come I can't fix the hair, but it can be fixed here.

Castor (by Lesyasun) happened to come by, and well he actually had chemistry with her.

And they are actually getting along really well. Or she's just trying to be easy to finish this quickly.

No, you can't have the Charleton AWOL. But Addison (by Pooklet) is worth a check out.

But back to Castor. He's so adorable. I kind of love him.

And he networks really well.

Well I was trying to get her with YOU, but sure, why not.

She got Charming Andrews from my kingbee.

Of course we need a date, I think that's the only way you can ask someone home.

It did move pretty quickly, and she did invite him home.

Woohoo is required. So why not.

/woohoo spam. ROS minor is complete.

And just in time too, Guillermo arrives home, and brings a nice check...and his aspiration benefit brings an even nicer check.

And he wants nothing but to interact with her, but she's too busy on the phone with someone.

And then he passes out in his food, instead of going to bed.

And Marine...well I know he moved, but there's not much for him right now.

And there's a cute cuddle, it's one of my favorite interactions.

Let's try this business LTW again. This time with something a bit easier. (Lot courtesy of Frottana)

And we start hiring some employees for the store. I only hired townies right now, but as more teens come into the hood, I'll try to hire them.

Rank 1 already!! I have no idea why I picked money. She still has a ton.

And she starts to work on her sales. She seems so smug though.

Rank 2 and 3 already! She's awesome at this.

Even with the super angry Mac Sawyer-Baillie, she's not even phased.

Chance card. Take the money, it's not that desperate right now.

AWOL needed to raise her fun bar, so red hands is a quick way.

Until...Labor time.

Always random! Hey if I stuck with quads for DNW, I can handle anything here.

Please don't say I just put my foot in my mouth.

So it's not as bad, she had triplets...2 boys (Soldier, Army) and a girl (Navy).


AWOL calls out of her job (which I don't remember why she still has one).

Of course she does, and she wasn't penalized at all for it.

Back to the store. If she wants 5 of these, I need her to make this one rank 10 first.

She's already halfway there. Rank 5. I decided the connections one sounded pretty good.

And she has 5 employees right now. With her resources, I'm not too worried about money right now.

Poor girl gets so run down at the store. Her fun is really bottomed out almost all the time.

And constantly gets phone calls. She doesn't know everyone but keeping connections high is always a good thing.

And the poor forgotten child of Marine grew up, without a party. He seems content.

Well dinner is right behind you, go eat.

Oh, you needed to pee. I'm sorry Marine.

OK, so neither one of you could bother to potty train him, but you decide to lecture him for having an accident. Next time either of you fall asleep in your food, I'll remember.

Now we hire the maid, becuase why not. The demon maid should just clean the whole neighborhood.

While we did that, Marine had his first day of school. He actually seems ok, even though he's a glitched snorer.

Oh, NO! Can't they just become children? I don't need the toddler stage for them, honest.

Awww he's so adorable. Also, why do all the male sims wind up in their underwear?!

Well, time to finish ROS. Off to the wedding park.

/engagement spam, after all, she needs to have an engagement to have a wedding.

And right to the arch. A beautiful night wedding.

You're so beautiful in your dress AWOL.

And wedding went off without any issues. Marine was in attendance too.

And for their honeymoon, off to work. Hey, she wants top level businesses, and he's a fortune sim.

Level 6. She's shooting up the ranks. Also, there hasn't been any reporter yet.

Dominic is working on sales too, poor guy didn't wind up with AWOL romantically, but they can be forever friends.

AWOL is dancing with Marine, Like why does the radio distract from the business.

Level 7 though, maybe it's helping to keep people happy.

Dominic already has a silver badge. I'd really love to get someone to be a manager.

And Kellie did just that. With that badge, she has 5 badge points.

So she gets promoted to manager. She needs a makeover though.

Well, with having a manager, AWOL spends a little more time at home. After all, someone needs to help Marine with his homework.

Checking in on her business for the first time. She looks happy to get some down time.

And Guillermo wound up helping Marine with his homework. You know she has the free time Guillermo.

And the toddlers could always use some attention. After all, there's three of them that need some skills.

AWOL wound up going to the shop. We aren't far from the top and having one business means I could sell it and start a new one.

I mean look at the cash flow. She was losing money at the start, but she's up 10 grand.

So we hire another employee. Hello Jude!! Welcome to the work force.

While we use up our rank 8 reward. I think I changed this from the money to the connections though.

And we see how crazy busy the store is, more people means more rank right?

A quick jaunt home to check in on the family, and AWOL needed some sleep.

Before going back to work. I'm so close!!

Ooo I would love to hire him as an employee. I'll wait for him to show up to hire him.

OK I get it, you need some time with Guillermo. I promise next rotation you can have a date with him.

Not looking so busy now though, so I dunno. Hopefully it picks up.

Especially when we have interesting looking professors like him showing up.

Jude already earned a bronze badge, but the register was awful. All Kip does is cashier and he just got his badge. I mean he splits the duty with Gus so *shrugs*.

Cassie though has to be that sim who needed to complain. What on earth are you complaining about?!

Even put in a second register to try and make the business better, but most of them only went to the one. So I deleted the second one.

Awww It's a cute family breakfast. It's sunday morning after all.

Chance card win! Hey, $500 is $500.

And Guillermo finally found his LTW career. (At least I think it was, it's been a minute).

And got promoted. He's on his way up the ladder.

And that finishes the round. Next round will have possibly the second business. We shall see.
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