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Pimlico VDS - Paddy 1.2

Last time, Paddy moved into a cute house from deedee_sims, and started out his career in the police force. He had a date with Echo, but nothing came up. On a blind date from the matchmaker, her rolled a want to marry Cassie Roberts. Cassie moved in and brought $19000 which is pretty awesome. They got engaged at the end of the round.

At the end of last round, Paddy moved into a new house. It's a wide open layout and I love it.

What would you say about having a baby?


Upstairs, I didn't buy any other furniture for now to save them a little bit of money.

The paperboy showed up, and he's kinda cute. Maybe I'll have to send him to uni. That's how Hugo came about.

Cassie has a LTW for dance, so she's looking for a job opening. Which reminds me...

This week's ROS. Ya the witch thing so didn't happen. Also getting tired of everyone being a witch too.

Cassie did manage to get her LTW job though.

And the first thing she needs is a body point for her promotion. I didn't buy her a workout machine because I didn't think of it.

The new welcome wagon arrived, and Eggplant was part of it.

Oh, someone is already pregnant. Well I guess I don't have to make them try for a baby then.

And then she promptly went to sleep. Smart pregnant lady.

Meanwhile, Paddy watches TV in the dark. I wish I would remember to buy lights before stuff like this happens.

Someone wanted to write a book, so he writes one about his life. Well except the death part.

But work called, so off we go.

Ooo she's really pretty. I wish I had made someone greet her.

Cassie relaxes, watching some tv. But look at the portraits!! <3

But let's head out on the town. HOOPLA!

Mostly because Cassie needed a cell phone. I also need to start putting phones in people's houses.

But why not hang out a bit and meet some new people.

Rowan Fay (by Frottana) comes in, so does Hunter Summerleaf (by Zeusar). Showing at least some different townies from the usual batch everyone sees.

It's a lineup to meet Cassie...well it's not but it looks like it is.

What if my life isn't happy? What if Paddy dies? What will I do with myself?

This one worrying about her future, let's get through tomorrow and work from there.

And then I got the sign to leave. No need for us to lose any money when we don't have much left.

Back at home, Strike Leventhal walks he's greeted of course.

And they have a cute discussion over some soup. It is winter after all.

And Cassie promptly falls asleep in her soup. I hope she doesn't drown.

Epping and Jade happened to walk by...and again with Epping walking by the lot..he's a warlock, he should be flying.

So Paddy called up and invited Peach and Alpie and apparently Peach didn't get a sitter. Only Alpie came.

But it's a regular party out on the lawn. Everyone should be friends.

And then Cassie had a string of bad things happen. First an accident, and then she passed out in the living room. Whoops.

Jade and Epping couldn't sit farther apart if they tried, but at least they still talk and are happy together.

Paddy makes some dinner for everyone, grilled cheese sandwiches of course, just for Alpie.

And then they head off to the wedding park. It's about time to get hitched.

Epping was there too, but couldn't be bothered to come into the park to actually watch the ceremony. Just stood out on the sidewalk.

And we have an adorable wedding.

And the random strangers were there to celebrate, but not Epping, who was still on the street.

Wedding portrait!! It came out so cute.

So this is the epitome of shotgun wedding. But i bet it will be an adorable baby.

A toast to Paddy, not the couple apparently.

And a cute kiss...see Epping finally came into the park.

We leave the park just as this happened. Sorry buddy.

As we get home, it's labor time.

Breathe hunny! You're doing great!

Random as always.

Single birth...after the last two families, I could use a breather.

/Birth spam. It's a baby boy, named Victor.

I gave the vacation time to Paddy, I don't think I'll have him leave the police force since he doesn't have a career LTW.

Childbirth is exhausting apparently, she's about to fall asleep.

What better way to get her to bed than woohoo. I mean he needs 3 kids for his LTW.

No idea why I would take this picture, except to show more townies I have in my game. (I mean my hood has 694 sims in it)

Cassie's needs drop badly, thankfully the soup is really good at helping.

I have to say, not surprised. With the needs dropping, it was pretty obvious.

The upper floor now, I thought the nursery looked adorable now.

And Paddy bringing home more money always helps...and look who he brought home...Castor (by Lesyasun) (seriously what is with him invading every update)

Paddy is trying to find out why Broadway isn't so big in the sims, and Castor is having none of it. I don't think he likes Broadway dude.

So adorable, and yes I downloaded a 4t2 birth certificate. I think it looks adorable on the wall.

Not that it will be the only one.

I'm sorry, he's just ridiculously pretty. <3 I'm telling you I think he's gonna be the next household I make.

And he's just so apparently this is a Castor update instead LOL.

I'm so glad I'm meeting so many new people in town. It's such a beautiful town.

Paddy needed a logic point, so why not play a game or two with Castor.

Well this is an interesting want for Paddy. I didn't even think he introduced himself to Tristan.

Cassie, meanwhile, needs to be babysat all day. She keeps bottoming out of everything.

Well Castor, we didn't invite you to spend the night, but maybe I shouldn't have kept you up all night playing chess.

Cassie got up, and apparently missed carpool. Whoops. Why is that happening.

Well she had a miscarriage. I'm sorry Cassie.

Victor grew up though, that evil hair needs to get the hell out of my game at some point.

A cute cuddle. I bet he's consoling Cassie.

As we take care of Victor. (I gave Victor a new hairdo because I hate that hair)

New pregnancy, while Paddy says she would look beautiful in a shimmering pink dress.

Paddy is such a great dad, and Victor is looking adorable.

And toddler training.

Deedee you were right, the potty training faces are classic.

And some walking...

and a nursery rhyme. It's a marathon teaching.

Poor Cassie, I can't help but feel bad for you, but why when the toilet is right there?!

Are you kidding me?! Do you want to die?

One day closer...hopefully it's twins and she doesn't have to be pregnant anymore.

A quick kiss, trying to keep Cassie sane.

And she decided to finish the toddler training. Victor is not feeling it though.

But while Paddy works on his novel, Cassie is giving Victor a bath.

And that ends the round. Once again, I hope she has twins. She was a horrible pregnant sim.
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