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Pimlico VDS - Alpie 1.2

Last time, Alperton (Alpie) moved into an apartment built by deedee_sims. He took a job in the medical career since he had no life ambition of a career, but to eat 200 grilled cheese sandwiches. He proposed to his girlfriend Peach, and they had a cute ceremony at home. Peach got a job in dance, and got pregnant right away. Right at the end of the round, Peach gave birth to a baby boy, named Cheddar.

I still haven't figured out how the heck to do a picnic. I think I need to get rid of the ROS. Maybe anchor more towards a family get together.

With the Clean UI, THis is a bit tricky to figure out. But he actually hasn't maxed his LTA...yet.

And he runs right out to work. They moved out of the apartment, and got a house. Ive apparently not gotten a full picture, but it's orange to go with the cheese.

Peach meanwhile hasn't found her LTW yet. Geez.

But schmoozing the weird AL townies for free crap is always a plus in my book.

The welcome wagon arrives, and it has Ramon. That's all. I'm watching you buddy!!

Wait a minute? Are you trying to seduce him by feeding him grilled cheese?! He's not one for being loyal you know.

Alpie comes home just in time, with a promotion. We can furnish the house some more. Woohoo!

The house is coming along nicely, Alpie is eating, and the other two are having a better be platonic.

Alpie wins her over though, and they have some woohoo times.

I really love this bed, thank you again Deedee.

Well, someone is gonna give me another baby.

Well it seems to be a good day for Peach, a bun in the over and her LTW job.

Now it's time for that call.

And here she is, to pick the baby up out of the crib and put him on the floor. I think it's time for her to retire. *strokes chin*

Since the day was quiet with both parents aren't home. It's night time now, and Alpie got home, and is studying for his promotion.

Peach comes home with a surprise...well a surprise for her. Baby #2 is on the way.

The house, as you can see, is still very sparsely decorated. Peach tries to call up her friends to see if anyone will give her something for free.

When that failed, she went to check on Cheddar, while Alpie tried his hand at getting a freebie.

And Cheddar grew up. Sorry time you'll get a party, I promise. BTW why do they grow up into a tux.

Paddy and Cassie took a stroll past the house, so of course we invite them in. This can be the "picnic". Peach however would prefer a nap.

Paddy, being the good uncle that he is, decides to spend some time with Cheddar. ..

and the Alpie joins the both of them. I approve.

By this point, Cassie has gone home. Apparently pregnancy has made Cassie a party pooper. The rest decide to have a grilled cheese dinner. It keeps the two of them happy.

The parents have a nice sleep-in. Cheddar is such a good kid too, he doesn't cry at all.

Scott Phoenix (kahlenas) walks by, and seeing how he's besties with Alpie, we just have to invite him in.

Chance card! I feel they tend to get a win when they are platinum.

Scott, stalking isn't really nice...don't you wanna play with Cheddar. I bet he could use some company.

Never mind then, it seems that each townie has paired off with their friend. Not that I all.

Noooooo. She just got her LTW career. Sorry Freddy.

But...its labor time.

And we have a single birth.

Welcome to the world, Asiago...yes I'm continuing the cheese theme.

Another boy! Sweet.

They did not want Cheddar to feel overshadowed. So they both decided to spend some time with him.

Smart milk time...that means some toddler training is about to be done.

You don't have to write in your diary in front of the nanny.

Wait...we have 2 mailmen?! I have anti-redundancy...Maybe he came before I installed it?

Cheddar start learning to talk, enjoy the quiet, single parenting time now Cheddar.

Cheddar got tired and crawled to bed, so Peach takes this time to learn some skills for work.

And Alpie gets promoted again. Keep climbing that ladder!

And then gives Cheddar a bath. Awww <3

LOL There is just no excuse now Peach...or is there?!

Alpie continues to work on skills. He has the day off from work, while Peach had to go in.

But there's some chance card win.

Talking is done, now onto walking.

And then potty training. He looks so happy and amazed.

Look who it is, it's another bun in the oven. It better be your last.

Cheddar asked for a bottle, and Peach looks like she's just super annoyed. Don't worry kiddo...

because it's party time. Happy Birthday Cheddar.

/age up. That actually isn't horrible, but it doesn't keep with the orange theme.

Look who else's birthday it is. Not that Cheddar actually cares, he's in bed.

Birthday spam part 2. The hair is offputting.

Right now, Cheddar is going to share a room with his brother. I'm sorry kiddo.

And off to the salon for new clothes.

And a makeover. I'm not a super big fan of long hair on men. *shrugs*

Alpie gets some new clothes for both Cheddar and Asiago.

And this is what I get for going to elf girl. Poor guy.

And then she screwed up again?! Seriously.

Look lady, you have one more chance to get this right.

I guess the threat worked, Cheddar looks so much better.

Georgia Almassy (raemia) is here torturing sims, which is a nice time to get home.

Right after I fill Cheddar's want to serve tea. He's such a grown up.

Starting the training early now, so it's not so rushed at the end.

And super adorable family time. I am so debating just making everyone in this family a grilled cheese sim.


And we end the round here. I wasn't expecting pregnancy #3, but I will roll with the punches. We will have to see what comes next round.
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