TomMike (kingmike1224) wrote,

Pimlico VDS 2.4

Last time, ROS had me do something I haven't done in a while...take a vacation. Epping also got tormented by Mrs. Crumplebottom. Someone I haven't see in my game in forever! Epping got engaged and married to Jade after not rolling any wants for anyone. At the end, Jade popped, so Generation 3 is on the way.

Stupid Freetime chance card fail. Like why are these even a thing?

This round's ROS...2 enemies huh.

Jade is keeping herself well rested this time after her close call.

And Epping comes home with another promotion...He's so close to the top I can almost taste it.

Going off to else am I going to meet people to become enemies with.

The only person of interest here was Katrina simplicist, but she already was enemies with I think she can be skipped.

Next lot...Purple Sound.

Victim #1 is Philip Riley selzi. And he isn't having any of it.

Not that Epping can't handle himself. He's quick enough to start a fight in a bar.

Seriously?! How do you lose?

So we head home, and start crank calling and harassing Philip.

The next morning, Jade decides to go into the her underwear.

Random as always.

A single birth. That's good because they have absolutely no cash.

Welcome to the world Vauxhall.

And Jade is just a wonderful mom, always cuddling. Almost baby obsessed.

Woohoo! LTW completed!

Evander Danielson deedee_sims comes by to hang out. I was tempted to make him victim #2 of the enemies...but decided against it.

We head off to Galaxy Bar.

He started to argue with Dale Forest simsforaranya but actually got networked. I couldn't continue to make him my enemy after that.

Right into the photobooth. Lollipop Pooklet. Well he wanted some fun.

A dream date, with some flashing purple...uh oh!

And victim #2 is Charming, he's a sim of mine so I'm ok with it.

The game on the other hand, was not.

Back in, we try again...same place.

I may have voodooed the pretty waitress. She's ridiculously pretty. Nyren Deer (Frottana) wants a turn apparently.

And Grace Space, also by Frottana, is all about him too. I may have found the sexiest guy in my game.

Hello new victim #2...Chase Fox simplicist

Let the arguing commence.

Epping is, of course, angry. Probably a good thing.

Physical assault was quick to come. Some slapping.

some shoving, show your dominance Epping!


At least he won this fight.

All done with Chase. One enemy down, one to go.

All the ladies want some Epping.

Coming home...this is what greets me...Geez Having sims 2 on a Windows 10 computer is irritating. I never had this issue before.

After a second restart, we see that there's a random cute townie in my house...I guess I invited him in?

And Epping works on his witchcraft. There's a reason, I promise.

Jade entertains a frozen Evander...LOL the lighting here makes him look so pale.

Someone's moving up the witchiness scale..Look at his green stars. (I love my witch overlays)

And Jade is apparently pregnant. Well I didn't want Vauxhall to be an only child after all.

Nyren calls, she will play phone stalker I bet.

So I sent pregnant Jade to work, and she actually came home with a promotion, and her sister-in-law. I also sent her right back to work.

Vauxhall also had a birthday. He looks...interesting. I hope he is an ugly duckling situation.

Second pop!

And right into bed.

After all his studying, and becoming the Atrociously Wicked Witch...Epping finally learned the spell I needed him to learn.

Time to cast the spell.

Well, well, well...look who we have here. Philip is back to be assaulted.

What are you gonna do about it? Fight me!

And then they fought...

and fought...

And fought, even while Jade was going into labor.

Random again.

Oh No!! No! NO! No! They have no money.

/birth spam...and yes they fought all through the birth. Twin girls, Euston and Chancery

And ROS is done. Pretty interesting challenge.


Oh yes, and she's viral too...seriously?!

Toddler training time...and yes I again forgot lights.

UGGGGH! This is horrible.

Some more toddler training...and no faces of Epping doing potty training. I am a sad panda.

Why?! Why would you not put the damn baby back in the crib?

*head desk* The baby goes in the crib, toddler on the toddler pillow!!

WHY ME?! Is this the consequences of making enemies?


So of course it's party time.

What's wrong Epping?

I'm a father of 3. I can't have fun anymore.

Euston aged up first...

...and inherited the witch gene. Nice.

Last two...Vauxhall looks better at least. Also Chancery did not inherit the witchiness.

Oh hell, I give up. But if you pass it around the neighborhood I'm gonna be pissed.

Good party YAY!

And still no idea of personal space between these two.

One more magic pose for Epping. I'm so happy he maxed the evil.

And that ends it for Epping, Hopefully there are no more kids!! They have no money, and not really anymore room. I mean I could expand but that is gonna cost.
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