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Hunter Legacy - Cabbage 1.2

Last time, ASAP and Cabbage moved into town, and got engaged. Cabbage had a few miscarriages, and then had a blind date. ASAP caught her. Cabbage is also pregnant.

Well I guess I don't have to decide to break them up, though I am sad about it.

Starting the update, ASAP goes to work, and I woke up Cabbage to go out.

First location (I think it's Hoopla), Greggie Leventhal (I swear she had these sims ages ago) gives Cabbage Aule's number. Like I'd say no to that.

Cabbage's chemistry bar, Davey Danielson (Deedee) is a good chemistry match! I could be inclined...if he were here on the lot.

And random townie chick (who i have no idea how she came into existence) is offering Cabbage a job...sorry she needs her LTW job first.

Off to second location. Maybe there will be better options.

Lots of guys, but no interest for poor Cabbage, so off she goes home.

As she gets home and crawls into bed, ASAP comes home with a close to his LTW. He also brings home Rachel Banks (Deedee).

ASAP goes out on the town...hey one of them needs to get a date and come home with them.

Well ASAP is definitely getting more game than Cabbage did. December Ainsworth (dragonfly3007) is coming onto him. I approve of this.

But she left, and the guys decided to hang out in the hot tub.

Lerog Craig (simplicist) networks us a blind date...why not?

Gwendolyn here is a random townie, but ASAP does have 3 bolts with her. So 3 bolts, definitely should beat each other...

and gossip about Bruce Hunter.

But flirting, well that's a nono.

But as time runs out on their date, apparently she can kiss goodbye. I don't get this chick.

Coming home, it was about 4 or 5, right before they aged up and Cabbage decided that it just wasn't working out.

And that she wants him out of the house. ASAP didn't see it coming. I don't know why I decided Cabbage should do the dumping, but *shrugs*.

Bye ASAP, we will see you next update. Since he didn't age, he needs to be played in rotation.

Cabbage broke down that night, those pregnancy hormones are getting to her.

She calls up Clay to comfort her, and he wants to come by.

And they are really adorable together. But she is not rolling any wants for him.

And he eats her food while she pees her pants.

That night, she dreams of Epping...NO! You leave him alone, you already broke up one marriage.

And we see how her life has gone since she broke up with ASAP. Poor girl.

Cabbage steps out on the town, after all the ROS isn't going to complete itself. We head out to Lemon Slice (Lesyasun). Good group of people here.

Cabbage strikes up a conversation with Skor Barre (simppl_life), and they seem to be getting along great.

2 bolts, I won't complain at that.

It's a busy day for the restaurant. but too many ladies.

OMG I just lost my best friend, it was really hard.

Maybe not tell him you just broke up with your fiancee?

Got to the point to ask Skor home, and he wasn't into it...and ended the date.

So we ventured out to HOOPLA for another place to hang out, we met up with Chase Fox (simplicist),

and Jason Fenrir (keoni-chan). She decided to ask out Jason.

Well the woohoo occurred without me having to do anything.

Drilnea (deedee) is waiting to greet one of them, but they have their hands all over each other.

Now for the all important part, the asking him home.

Looks like he said yes. More woohoo. Plus, Cabbage left during the daylight so he's not a wolf right now.

He's so handsome. Cabbage made a good choice.

As the date comes to an end, Cabbage decided it was the perfect time to give birth.

Seriously?! you couldn't wait 5 more seconds? Also more woohoo wants for the romance sim, easy want solved...locked.

Welcome to Blue Lakes, Carrot Hunter.

Back to that woohoo!

Like you didn't know that was going to happen. But look who's still around, Wolfy Jason.

*whistles* I didn't do anything.

Meanwhile, Jason is still hanging around...You go buddy.

And vegging out on the couch, it's almost like he lives here.

He's been around so long he has already unwolfed, and still cares for Carrot. Also, green toilet...there's a baby coming.

Well, since he's basically moved in, why not just move him in officially.

Nice balance Jason, I'll need that since I had to build the expansion for Carrot.

And comes with a good job too. I can get behind him 100%

And not some crazy Romance sim LTW, a tame career one. We can do this.

And they are just so adorable together.

He's in love, and she's still pregnant. Oh boy she's having a long first trimester.

I do love them together. I actually turned the 2nd picture into a portrait in game.

He's such a good dad, and that's not even his kid. He obsesses over Carrot.

The layout of the cute little house.

Astrid and Chloe walk by the house. She's so big.

That night, Jason heads to work...I'm bout to wolf whistle at him.

And we pop, finally no more throwing up or the wobbly legs.

Cabbage starts chatting up everyone she knows, we need some friendships for promotions.

And night ends, and Jason is human again.

Lazy day around the house, in their underwear.

And a cute belly rub.

But Jason needs a damn cell phone, so off to HOOPLA we go. Because it's the only place I know with a cell phone vending machine.

And we purchase 1 cell phone. and head home. Not really wanting him to start with the romance wants right now.

And it's Carrot's birthday. He's a bit long in the face, but lets hope he grows into it.

It was about here that I decided that Cabbage needed a new look. So we get a new hairstyle...

and clothes, while making friends with some of the people around the salon.

And here's the new look. She is stylin' now.

and passing out in her food.

Jason comes home with a promotion. Sweet.

and he gets electrocuted...the burnt fur smell though.

But a nice bath helps the big old werewolf stay clean.

and some woohoo to help with the booboos.

Cabbage gives birth in the bathroom, which is super tiny. Smallest room in the house for 1000.

Another single birth.

Welcome Kale Hunter.

The domestic bliss is just radiating off these two.

But they are still all over each other.

Jason takes over toddler training. I kind of love him for this.

So we got walking and talking down.

A promotion for the super tired Cabbage...but she also needs to switch careers at some point.


This werewolf overlay is really awesome. But i wish the damn hair wouldn't change.

Nursery rhyme, check.

Boo damn chance card. Not too much of a loss though.

And Cabbage gets potty training done, just in time for Carrot's birthday.

Which is also Kale's birthday.

It was briefly interrupted by the transformation, but we have cute as a button Toddler Kale.

Carrot grows up too, he's looking better.

So you didn't potty train me right? I would remember a wolf doing that to me.

And that ends the round, and OMG i love how this picture looks. if only I could have had Kale look at me, but beggars can't be choosers. Next up is ASAP.
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