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Wow today was uneventful, yet eventful if you can say that!

I went to bed at about 530 this morning after watching Tad Hamilton!! I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!! its sooo cute, and Josh Duhamel shirtless....can we say yum!

I woke up at 830 this was 9 i watched Charmed and was waiting patiently for the JC/Tony performance on Wayne Brady. What a great performance!! Thanks to its_davy_baby for posting it!

That about all that happened today...god i need a life

'Idol' Upset Breeds Conspiracy Theories
(Thursday, April 22 04:50 PM)
By Daniel Fienberg

LOS ANGELES ( - The story goes that in 1960, Crime Boss Sam Giancana (with the assistance of Chicago's Mayor Daley) helped sway the Illinois vote to give the presidential election to John F. Kennedy. On that election night, Chicago's dead allegedly rose from the grave and helped cast the deciding votes that led to Richard Nixon's narrow defeat.
It seems that even the dead would have had some difficulty voting for their "American Idol" favorites on Tuesday night (April 20), as a power outage left 15,000 Chicago residents without power. If the buzz is to be believed, those poor, disenfranchised souls could do nothing to prevent the departure of native daughter Jennifer Hudson.

On Thursday morning (April 22), "American Idol" viewers were still buzzing over the baffling turn of events that left Hudson, considered one of the contest's strongest performers, observing all future "Idol" proceedings from the outside.

If there's anything "American Idol" fans love more than a slightly pitchy Whitney Houston cover, it's an elaborate conspiracy theory. Since the first season, when previous odds-on favorite Tamyra Gray made a shocking premature exit, nearly every Wednesday results episode has been greeted with skepticism. If the show's passionate fan base is to be trusted, the Masons, Teamsters and Stonecutters have decided that rigging "American Idol" voting is the quickest route to world domination.
Sometimes the conspiracies are nationwide. At the end of last season, Clay Aiken fans swarmed Internet message boards complaining that they were prevented from voting by terminal busy signals that never seemed to plague Ruben Studdard supporters.

Sometimes, though, tiny local hiccups are sufficient to sway an entire vote. When Amy Adams was eliminated earlier this season, the suggestion was posited that a Prince concert in Adams' hometown of Bakersfield, California detained her biggest admirers. The pink-haired singer has a legion of fans who insist that she still deserves to be around.

Given that "Idol" host Ryan Seacrest called the voting in the Bottom Three the show's tightest ever, the Chicago power outage theory may have some weight. Of course, some entertainment newsmagazines like "Extra" are reporting on the story as if all 15,000 of those residents were sitting in their living rooms cursing the fates that they were unable to vote for Hudson. Presumably some of those people weren't actually "American Idol" fans at all. And of the percentage with fanatical dedication to the FOX talent show, some may have preferred to vote for much-maligned crooner John Stevens or Fantasia Barrino, who received the second fewest votes following Tuesday night's Barry Manilow Night.

Holding more weight (with some fans at least) than the power outage explanation is a more troubling discussion of whether race played any role in Tuesday night's voting. One night after influential judge Simon Cowell told Hudson that the show was on its way to becoming a Battle of the Divas with Barrino and LaToya London, the three young women, all African-American, were in the Bottom Three.

Meanwhile, 16-year-old Stevens, victim of weeks of harsh criticisms from the "Idol" judges, has yet to make a single appearance in the group suffering from voter anemia. Depending on which camp you listen to, Stevens' unlikely run has been buoyed by the fact that he's white, the fact that he's appealing to teenage girls and the fact that he's a safe alternative for older voters who respect his vocal devotion to the likes of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin (if not the actual execution of that devotion).

Those who disagree with the notion that "American Idol" voting is somehow fueled by race refer back to Studdard's triumph over Aiken last year and to the fact that Hudson was the first African-American contestant to leave the show this season, leaving Barrino, London and George Huff with a chance to win.

The "Idol" voting process is quite secretive, with Seacrest's weekly announcements carrying the same mystery as a plume of white smoke rising from the Vatican. Thus, viewers will never know if the entire state of Hawaii is joining forces to vote for Jasmine Trias or if every bar in Buffalo is filled with viewers eating wings and text messaging for Stevens. The lack of actual statistics is no impediment to rumor and scandal.

One thing that's for sure is that the show's fans are displeased. The volume of posts to the message boards has soared in the past 24 hours and while many fans have eschewed the need to justify the recent vote, scarcely anybody seems pleased. More than a few posters argue that the show should end entirely after this season, while the more devious suggest that allowing Stevens to win the title would be fitting punishment for his fans and for the show's producers.

Amidst a slew of declarations from fans swearing that they'll never watch "Idol" again are more than a few suggestions that the voting system needs to be entirely revamped. The idea that fans should be voting against people rather than for them is gaining particular momentum,

People involved with the show are obviously concerned as well. As the Wednesday installment ended, Seacrest made a plea for viewers to remember to vote for their favorites. Judge Randy Jackson managed to politicize the decision.

"This is definitely not a popularity contest," Jackson announced with distain as he looked over the Bottom Three. "This is the greatest talent show ever in American history. As a proud American, I hope that America's out there looking and watching. Listen, we want to be proud of whoever wins this."

It seems absurd that there should be any worries about a show that continually occupies two spots in the weekly ratings Top 10. However, there's little doubt that "Idol" viewers watch for personalities as much as the format itself. Last year, Aiken and Studdard were always bound for the finals, but that impending show-down caused viewership to increase each week.

This season, though, the "Idol" audience started huge, but in recent weeks apathy has slowly begun to set in. The audience dip has coincided with widespread complaints that this group of "Idol" Finalists is a step down from last year's pack. This week's Tuesday episode drew 22.75 million viewers. The week before that, 23.1 million viewers tuned in. The April 6 show drew 23.46 million and that was down from the 25.9 million who watched on March 30. The Wednesday episodes have experienced a similar decline. While Seacrest continues to make near-weekly references to the show's 30 million viewers, the audience hasn't actually been that large for months.

Given that the show is in its third season, a point at which even the most venerable of reality franchises have generally begun to show their age, this level of viewer attrition is to be expected. FOX is unlikely to need to lower its ad rates for the program any time soon. It will be interesting, though, to see if this week's viewer frustration leads to season-low ratings again next week.

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