TomMike (kingmike1224) wrote,

*rolls eyes*

It is with both disappointment and concern that I write to you
the events of Fountain Day 2004.

While the majority of students attending last Thursday came to welcome
arrival of spring and enjoy an afternoon of school spirit, some
crossed the boundary between healthy celebratory fun and dangerous
behavior. Their self-destructive and reckless conduct presented a
to everyone attending Fountain Day, disrupted a number of classes,
damage to University property, and resulted in injuries to more than a
dozen students ranging from minor abrasions to alcohol poisoning and a
dislocated shoulder. One student was arrested for slashing the tires of
Five-Quad ambulance.

Abuse of alcohol and other drugs and reckless behavior are inconsistent
with University values and are unacceptable to the majority of
the faculty and administration of the University. Furthermore, this
of conduct diminishes the University in the eyes of the Capital
Community and beyond. In this instance, it has also called into
an important campus tradition.

The majority of UAlbany students demand and expect a University
environment that is conducive to their intellectual development and
personal growth and one that is also healthy and safe. We are
and determined to meet that expectation. I ask that we all work in
to insure the incidents of Fountain Day 2004 are not repeated. Vice
President James Doellefeld will be creating a Fountain Day Task Force
consisting of students, faculty, alumni and staff. I would encourage
active participation, assistance and leadership in reforming this
important campus event so that it remains a proud tradition and a
reflection of the entire student and alumni body.

cc: UAlbany faculty and staff

Gee could you have stretched out We were bad and shouldn't do it again??

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