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Computer grief and lyric quiz answers

OMG! My computer is soooo gonna die!!!

This fucking piece of shit was bein a horrid thing!!! So i used the restore disc to try and fix it...Nooooo this god damn thing didn't like that and is bein worse than ever!!! I had to call a techie in to fix it! hopefully he can tomorrow or Sears is gonna get a nice vision of me! SOOO FUCKING ANNOYED right now! Not to mention my computer's other problem of not liking to turn on! I am really tired of that one!!!

1. How could I ever when my heart is in your hands, And I know baby there is no turning back - *N SYNC "I'll Never Stop"
2. Lucky for me, I'm the only one she loves, Thought you had a chance - MMC "I Saw Her First"
3. My weakness caused you pain, And this song is my sorry - Britney Spears "Everything"
4. my wounds cry for the grave, my soul cries for deliverance - Evanessence "Tourniquet"
5. When You Smile, I Feel My Heart Open, And I Know There's Nothing That I Wouldn't Do - On The Line All-Stars "On The Line"
6. When there's heartache, Deep down inside - Jessica Andrews "I Will Be There For You"
7. I finally found the Peace of never wanting more - Lisa Keith "Better than You"
8. There's a song that's inside of my soul, It's the one that I've tried to write over and over again - Mandy Moore "Only Hope"
9. Sorry times ten, but you just got in the way - Michelle McManus "Emotional"
10. My self esteem, it's been low, go ahead and count it's been lower than low - Sense Field "Save Yourself"
11. I wanna take this time to thank you for the love you gave - Ryan Malcolm "Something More"
12. Teachers treat us all like clones, Sit up straight, take off your headphones - Skye Sweetnam "Billy S."
13. Someday you'll remember, Why you fell for her, Why you said goodbye - Jessica Simpson "Final Heartbreak"
14. Boy I've been watchin you, And you've been watchin me, I know you want me baby, I'm gonna make you see - Jessica Simpson "I've Got My Eyes On You"
15. We grew apart but I still want you in my heart, I believe it's time to make a new start - Mandy Moore "Want You Back"
16. You are my destiny, I can't let go baby can't you see - Madonna "Cherish"
17. I lose my way, but still you seem to understand - Michael Bolton/MMC "Now And Forever"
18. You were the song that always made me sing - Gloria Estefan & *N SYNC "Music Of My Heart"
19. Some folks try to tell you there are things you shouldn't do - *N SYNC "Believe In Yourself"
20. Darling I put my heart upon the shelf, Till the moment was right and I tell myself - Peter Cetera and Amy Grant "Next Time I Fall In Love"

PS Can anyone give me some slash sites...I lost all my faves *dies*

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