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Wow a day to be good :)

Day actually started at like midnight :)

This guy I have been into for a while, though he was a quiet one, asked me out to a movie *screams giddily* So i went to his place and we watched Loser and we like fell asleep watchin the movie.

I got back here about 10..ya i missed my first class LOL...and i hopped back into bed until 5 and missed the other classes LOL *hides from matty's wrath* didnt do much else today

I won my last EBay On the Line poster =)and I paid for LJ and added my N SYNC icons :D..I made 4

Its Also Lance's birthday today (5-4-79) so hes the big 2-5...I'd give him a nice gift if he wants it!

Thank you its_davy_baby for this picture

And fuskeez made an excellent tribute to Lance :) Check here for the tribute

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