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Grrrr Not Happy

To start off with, that guy from my last entry turned out to be an ass. Fuck him! His loss, not mine!

Yesterday I was supposed to have a final in abnormal psychology but the evil fathead bastard postponed it to next Thursday *curses the bastard* He ruined the enjoyment of the concert for me! But i got my final on Wed rescheduled so i get to meet up with feenie before the concert!!! I also get to finish packing up my stuff to go home tomorrow after my Psych stats final...which i have no hope of passing that class *shrugs* O Well. And tonite is the Friends finale *cries* I am sooo gonna be in tears

So George got the boot last night, and Diana was top 3 again!!! I soooooo am happy!!!

And OMG trudyblue made me an icon from the On The Line music Video! I soooo love it!!!

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