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I dunno...lately i haven't been chatty as much as usual. I talk to people and just stop dead in track talkin to them. I just can't think of anything to talk about. its a my life seriously that dull?!

I'm also sick Ewww.....swollen glands again...i believe its strep AGAIN. It sucks cuz its making me hoarse so i can't sing along to my music *cries*

I took my Psych Stats final today...and i actually think i did good on it.....of course it helped that it was open book LOL but i was proud of myself. Then i packed up my car of almost everything in my dorm room...i think my TV is the only thing i left there

Then i saw the time...and somehow my brain was 2 hours fast LOL...when mom called and said it was only 20 to 1 instead of 20 to 3 i decided to stop by Randy's Rite Aid...He was all dressed up in a shirt and tie...and looked adorable! I just wanted to jump him right there in the middle of his store. He had to check his schedule to see if there was time for me...which i'm thinkin is not gonna happen. Why do I meet the assholes, the sex fiends and the unattainable?

Then i drove home in boring fashion, and missed seein my mom and sister off to the airport...O well but i opened my CDs from EBay and a poster i got. I unpacked my car...and watched Walk to Remember....I want a Landon to my Jamie *cries*

Ewww did i really just talk alot about little things...*shrugs* Its a big entry tonite!!! YAY!!!!

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