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BIIIG Update!!!!

WOW where to begin

On Tuesday nite, I went upto school to take my history final...and i think i did really well on it. after that, i drove into manhattan!

I met with feenie, diggybear on the line...they are sooo not what i was expecting to see but they were awesome!! We got inside and got all ready for JC!!! The opening act hit the stage about 7:30 some chick named Samantha Robson. She was decent..but when Damon Dash and the other Roc-a-fella people got on stage and made it look like a cult thing, it was time for her to leave. Feenie and Diggy went ot get drinks while they went looking for joiness and mirroredimage JC came on about 8:30 and he literally rocked the of the best concerts i have been to in my life!! I sooo wanna see him again in Atlantic City!! He came out in a I love NY t Shirt and I was like OMG!...and NO pink shirt...shocked isnt the word for what i was!

After the show Feenie, Diggy and I finally met up with Mirrored Image (Mary). We got some souviners and then went to get some pizza. We talked about this chick that like beat Diggy with her purse...this chick was huuuuuge So i nicknamed her Bertha!..and this chick that tortured poor mary with her frizz head hence that her bein the nickname...and OMG the chick went ot the same pizzaria we went to and i was laughin my ass off. The chick left before us and slipped on ice and almost busted her ass...i think the frizz set her free LOL

Then we went to get my car and i drove Diggy and Mary to Port Authority and drove Feenie home...while we did that..we talked about our families and Troy and the Brad Pitt effect lol

Today i took my last final and thats it...I am soooooo done with school for the semester YAY!!!

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