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I suck

Yes I really do...I havent made an update since the JC concert...well the first one i went to. Since my last entry..i went to see JC again in Atlantic City with mirroredimage and other than that, nothing exciting has happened to me. I lead a very boring life *cries*

Though I have spoken to toons of my lj friends on the phone now...its soo cool to actually talk to them on the feels more like a friendship than an acquaintanceship now. And musickel77 went to Hawaii and sent me postcards *cheekily grins* That was soo kool..its like i got real mail LOL

I also got my ticket confirmation in the mail for my flight to Miami...i soo can't believe that i am goin to Miami by myself to meet Trudy..this is gonna be sweet...and i may even meet bostongirl2003 gonna be great

Wow i ramble on and on don't I LOL

I also did a quiz and a thing that everyone and their mother is doing

You're EvIL JC!
You're Evil!JC !
Generally paired with Lance or Justin, you use your
looks for evil not good. You have a *penchant*
for tying your partners up, and using words
like "penchant". The others fear you.
Well, apart from Joey who pretty much tuned you
out when he discovered you were gay. He still
thinks you buy candles for long, romantic
baths. You laugh in his face and still he
doesn't get it. Being evil can be tricky, man.

Which JC Fanfic Stereotype Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

1. Copy and paste this: [font color="yourLJname"][b]yourLJname[/b][/font] into your journal.
2. Replace [] with <> and yourLJname with your own name

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