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I am gonna take my laptop and throw it out the window. The tupid wireless card wont install on it and its just bein a pain in my ass.

I started classes on Monday...they arent bad...though they arent entertaining...i spent my entire histpry class today online torturing poor souls on AIM LOL

Bought my textbooks, waste of money *shakes head*

SO The Engagement party went off well, my cousin's fiancees family is really sweet...and her brother is sooo hott *drools* so nice and hott..he lives in San Fran, if maybe hinting at something there. LOL well i hope :p

Brother is still bein a pain in my ass hogging the computer all week....this is like the longest i have been on the computer all week...stupid bastid...he needs to get a job or something.

I wanted Diana to win tonite...not Fantasia...*cries* Diana was 10 million times better...i mean even my mom thought so.

I need to start making more Icons...but i dont have any of the programs or pictures on this computer *pouts*

I bought Miracle and Peter Pan...was a great great great great....I loved them! I also saw Ginger Snaps...that was a great movie...i liked it :)

I played Buffy Chaos Bleeds soo much this week too

And 60 days til Miami *cheekily grins*

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