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OMG! The family drama going on here is absolutely insane I need to get out of this place forever

Starts off with school...blah blah blah..nothing exciting

Come mom is pissed at my sister cuz she decided not to pay the last payment of my car it needs to be paid or switched by Sunday cuz thats when it expires *groans* and then Ass-boy got into the middle of it. Huge headache for me

Then when i was tryin to take a nap this afternoon, my dad calls needing a lift home from the doctors. OK i have no probs with that...but Ass-boy could have gotten him..but nooo...ass-boy is lazy and bitchy and woke me up to go get him i mean seriously that

My other sister pisses me off cuz she gave her bf her car cuz he got into a car accident and doesnt have a now shes inconvienced and is inconvienceing me and just pissing me the fuck off

I NEED to get away NOW!!

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