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Justin and Cameron No More

Timerlake Dumped by Diaz

June 6, 2004 09:17 AM EDT

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE has been dumped by girlfriend CAMERON DIAZ - because she thinks she'll be taken more seriously in Hollywood without him.

The CHARLIE'S ANGELS actress, 31, ditched 23-year-old Timberlake at last month's (MAY04) CANNES FILM FESTIVAL in France as she feared their romance was starting to hold back her movie career.

A source tells British newspaper NEWS OF THE WORLD, "The problem is, she isn't really taken seriously in Hollywood because she is dating a pop star.

"Cameron feels she stands a better chance of taking her career to the next level without him.

"Justin wanted Cameron to move in with him but she didn't feel ready to make that kind of commitment. She told him in Cannes because being at the film festival made her realise just how important her career is to her." (AR/WNSNE/GES)

Anyone know if its true or not??

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