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My english Paper

The friendship between Justin Timberlake and JC Chasez has been a friendship admired by many people around the world. Since meeting on the set of the New Mickey Mouse Club (MMC), where they have worked with other famous stars, such as, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, they have remained close. In 1995, when a friend of Justin’s, Chris Kirkpatrick, called to ask Justin to be part of an A cappella group, Justin thought of JC and told Chris about him. After the five guys (Justin, Chris, JC, Lance Bass, and Joey Fatone) came together, and found an agreeable name (*N SYNC), the guys became very close, almost like brothers. Allow me to analyze both Justin and JC to see why their friendship has been very close. Let me start with Justin first.

Justin Timberlake was born in Memphis TN in 1981. Having the will to focus on a career in the spotlight, Justin pursued his dreams starting from a young age. When he was eleven, he tried out on Star Search. Although he lost, the experience did not hamper his quest, but further pushed his ambition. He landed a role on MMC. After the show wrapped up, he returned home to think of other ways to get into the field, until Chris called. At age fourteen, he joined the band. While in the band, he learned and took center stage and became the focus of the attention. His personality is a very “up-front, in-your-face” personality. Around 1999, however, Justin became more of a focus for media attention. He had announced that he and Britney Spears were dating, a very big deal to many fans of theirs. After the break-up with her, and the band taking a hiatus, he started to put a solo act into the works.
Not even taking a break between, he entered the studio to start recording his album. Instantly, people had started to talk of his album, spreading the news on the internet, through the press, and over the airwaves. Instead of marketing his album in smaller venues at first, he launched a worldwide tour with fellow MMC cast mate, Christina Aguilera. Selling out larger venues, he returned to his high valued lifestyle, including being romantically linked to Janet Jackson, Alyssa Milano, and Cameron Diaz (his current girlfriend).
After having a successful year, Justin was approached by MTV and CBS to partake in the Super Bowl Halftime show. During the performance, Justin removed a piece of Janet Jackson’s wardrobe and exposed a breast. It goes to commercial without a second thought, and press “has a field day.” The government has such a prudish standard for the airwaves, that they penalize MTV, CBS and Janet Jackson. At the same time though, this adversely affects JC as well.
JC Chasez was born in 1976 in Washington, D.C. At the age of thirteen, JC joined MMC. After the disbandment of MMC, JC started out with a couple of others from the series in a band of the same name, but their career didn’t take off. He went out of the public eye after that, to when Justin had called him. At the age of eighteen, JC left his family to go to Europe for the sake of the band. After arriving back in the U.S., the band went on tour opening for Janet Jackson. JC, though a main vocalist in the band, was not a center stage kind of guy. He was more of a relaxed background kind of guy. He wrote many songs on *N SYNC’s second album as well, growing into a more hands on guy. During the time of *N SYNC, JC dated many people, but they weren’t famous enough to be quoted or photographed much (just on occasion). When the band went on Hiatus, JC decided he needed a break and took some time to himself.
After about a year of silence, JC’s friend asked for help on recording a song for the soundtrack. The song, “Blowing Me Up (With Her Love),” was featured on the soundtrack for the movie Drumline. JC decided to record an album as well. As he wrote most of his songs, he promised that the album would take away the image of the guy from the boy band. “Take a moment and think about everything you associate with JC Chasez – another Mickey Mouse Club superstar spawn, charismatic singer-songwriter-dancer in the multi-platinum *N SYNC, and boy-band heartthrob to girls the world over (to name a few). Now purge your mind of all of it. Erase. Delete.” (JC’s official homepage) With songs such as “Some Girls (Dance with Women)” and “All Day Long I Dream About Sex” This CD screams that you need to be mature to listen to the CD. He has come to identify with fans as well, due to low popularity. (Rolling Stone) His venues have gone from giant arenas, to small clubs and bars, though he was asked to perform at the NFL’s Pro Bowl. After the Super Bowl incident, tensions grew between JC and the NFL over the song he would sing, to the point where JC backed out of the performance altogether. ( He has also come under criticism as of late for his choice of his next single, “All Day Long I Dream About Sex.” The Federal Communications Commission has been wary of this topic and requested it not be played, as well as removed songs from airplay.
Now that the solo careers have been launched and settled, all seems well with the guys. In July, at their annual charity event, they will discuss future plans for the group, as well as perform together. (MTV News) Though many fans are skeptical, many hope, myself included, that they will get back together and sing again. No matter, which way the outlook turns, I see Justin and JC being friends for a long time to come.

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A special Thanks to fuskeez for all her newshound take...without her articles, I wouldnt have gotten any sites :)

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