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GAH! I hate bad days!

First..on a higher note...i have tons of new icons by masheek2

OK so today didnt work out in my favor at all...and it started like Sunday

Sunday nite I bitched at my brother cuz he kept saying he was a father and should get something, i told him that just cuz he donated the sperm to make the kid (long story for another day) doesnt make him a father to the kid...everyone got pissed at me but i didnt care...i mean i was sick of hearing it for a solid week

yesterday I got my Comparison Contrast paper back on Justin JC...and my teacher said i plagerized it cuz i didnt site a source for common knowledge on Justin (like dating Britney). So i told him it wasnt i came home and found some bio sites on Justin and just enclosed those to say that i had the dumb info and sent it back in teacher also said he gets wonky at the end of a session...almost pissed my pants

Today is just the day from hell...I get to school and forgot to print up half the english paper due today, so i had to enclose an old version i had gotten back..and i forgot to do the questions from the back of the chapter. go to History and realize i hadnt even started my project or final for that i get out..and head home...and my car skids when i was stopping and smashes into the car in front...My car deploys the airbags (figures with my luck)...and my Bumper is outta i figured his car was a mess....A FUCKING DING ON HIS BUMPER!!! That is all he gets.... Then to top it all off....I WAITED FOR THE COPS TO SHOW UP FOR 3 HOURS!! FUCKING COPS WONT GET MONEY OUTTA ME ANYMORE!!! so we are gonna have issues with cars tomorrow.


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