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So today was an ok day...better than my week but not by much

I got up at 730 this morning cuz Dad decided to call and say he wasnt getting Clinton to sign his book. I watched the last buffy (it was on tv). showerred and went to school in sis's car. Got to English and took the essay part of my was okish..then I got to History but when i was supposed to present my thing, and the internet was down so i gotta go tomorrow. Then after class, I went to the mall and submitted my applications to the stores i wanted to apply in....and came home

I talked to trudyblue and joshtin_lover02 for like an hour and then had to leave to go to a meeting at camp.

Got there and they seemed all happy to see me...I got assigned my group (7b again *pouts* i wanted the 8B group) and found out that the ass that was there last year is not only a group leader this year but he is the other 7b leader *hurls* I saw Megan and Kin (friends from last year) and it was all kool and fun..after the meeting i went to hang out with Megan for a bit and we caught up :)

Saturday is the next meeting, so i get to see all my friends that are returning! *SQUEEEEEEEE*

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