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First and foremost..Please keep 1107red in your thoughts and Prayers during this time

98% of teenagers do or have tried pot. If you're one of the 2% that hasn't, put this in your journal.

Ok now onto the ranting
Last nite couldnt be any worse...My mom came in and changed the channel on me, and when i changed it back to what i was watching and blocked the remote censor...she started screaming at me that its her TV and blah blah. so i got up and left and she tried to ground me *shakes head* Puh-lease you can't be absent from my life until now and start treatin me like im 9.

Today was some garden dedication at my aunt's house. I soo didnt want to go, but went anyway. I was bored outta my mind for 4 hours and pretty much watched kids the whole time...Why on earth did i have to go?

And now there is somethin with me that i feel weirdishly down.. Now off to camp tomorrow which means up at 630 tomorrow morning :\

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