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Work has been fun...for the past two days.. My group has some good kids, though one of them insists on beating me up and licking me *ICK* and calls me a fat old lady :\...and I have a spitter, and some really quiet kids. I keep seeing my kids from last year and OMG they have gotten soooo big!! I miss them lots. I also seem to catch one of the counselors i have a crush on (who i know is straight though, o well) shirtless...i just cant help but stare LOL.

OK first is the 8 yr old counseloprs just cuz im not one. They are in charge of my kids and all i see them doing is torturing my kids...I feel sooo bad for them *huggles all his old kids*

NOw Co-worker i cant stand!! OMG this bastard needs to die...His kids come upto me, and they give me hugs and ask me for stuff (twice today and like 3 times yesterday) and he was like screaming at me, and when i say to my supervisor that he does this...i get told to give him slack because he had a bad time last year...I'm sorry..I was new and you gave me practically 2 new counselors as well and said have fun with 15 7 yr olds. He has 12, screams at his counselors and the one likes him but i have to give him slack...if that is what i will have to do then they can take the job and shove it!

Other than that, JC month is coming to an end..and i still havent started to write my stories..i need to start writing soon.

Well besides my mom bein a nasty bitch and screaming at me alot..i got an A in English...mostly thanks to my paper on my parents and their lack of involvement in my life, and my research paper thanks to bartinigirl03 and mattymattymatty..SQUEEEEEEEE. I also finally got the insurance stuff settled and got my own...I have progressive and pay like 625 every 6 months now.

24 days until CFTC SQUEEEEEEEE

And Thanks to masheek2 for my Tony Icon

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