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I DID IT! A whole month of posts without missing a day =).

Today at work flowed much better, until the end. Ass counelor started yellin at me like he was my boss..And I in turn started screaming back...he was tellin a kid who was hugging me and hangin with me to get back into the deck hockey rink (where parent pick up is done) And it flipped me out...I started yelling. And 2 counselors came up to me and asked why he was yelling and i was like he decided he wantas to be my boss and he isnt so i wont let him.

Came home to get bitched at by my mom...puh lease..sooo didnt need that and left well. No sweat off my back...she can take care of herself....

And now WOOHOO!!! A whole month...tomorrow is a celebration post!!!

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