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What on this green earth did I do to deserve a day like this??

I was an hour late for work, then i got repriomanded for watching my 3 kids in the big pool...then i got told to chill by ass counselor. After this, i left to find out from one of his counselors that he said he can't deal with me?! OMG! so i went to my super and she spoke tohim again, and told me that i have to give him slack and respect....again with the slack!!

After the day of camp..and my leaving yet again over a half hour late....I went out with my friend..went to her house to get changed. While shes changing, her parents give me the inquisition

We picked up another friend and headed to the staff softball game where we shared stories and stuff, then we went out to eat.

I walk in like not even an hour ago, and already am livid at the sisters are screaming cuz i cant get out earlier than 11 tomorrow morning, Mom is mad cuz i yelled and Im pissed at my brother cuz he lied about paying a parking ticket, and now if i parked my car on the street it would get towed. I call him to explain about it, and he hung i parked his car in the middle of the street and told mom to call him and tell him to get home and move it. and now i wanna move somewhere far far away!!! Trudy!!!

The only 2 positive things today were having a hott waiter at dinner...and seeing my crush at camp shirtless *drools*

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