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I dunno

Wow what a weird week. Though it was normal to me anyway. First thing that became unbelievablly odd is that i actually thought about Albany and thought it wasn't that bad of a long as there is someone to be here to be friends with. The second thing is that i made a doll that was pretty damn will be posted at the bottom. Then comes the fact that online has been pretty blah, with the exception of a certain person i started liking (no not Lis, though she is a cutie) they live like a half hour from Stony i dunno. My life has gone so whacko it isnt funny...i even wanna apologize to someone who was a bitch to me?!i mean am I turning into a doormat or something?? I seriously should shoot myself...I am one weird person..I used to and still have that feeling where you want to do both sides of an event...and you second guess your every move...why me?! Then on top of that, my old best friend was in Albany today to go to an annual concert they hold up here...and he never even bothered to call me or anything...i mean seriously?! What did i all of a sudden turn into some ass who no one really wants to talk to anymore?! Not to mention that Dana has been MIA due to her play...*cries* I miss her!!! Dana, come back to me!!

On a positive note, my diet is working well...i know i have lost some weight since i started it. Now to need a job, to buy me a new wardrobe....even though i need to trim my ass/hips, I feel thinner already..unlike my friend Ali who diets for a week and then quits *rolls eyes* Anyway, now its time for me to get some shut eye...Nite All!!

anyway here is my doll

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