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OMG!!! Can I quit the camp yet??

This week has been nothing but a walking nightmare and i can only see things getting worse. I was seen by a big supervisor, and now yesterday the director called me in to talk to me...Thats a sign its getting bad. My kids are demon children that dont want to listen to me at CIT (counselor in training) has to threaten them with bodily harm just to get them to listen at all...My supervisor has seen my group like 12 times the past 2 days. I swear if Monday is just as bad as any day last week, i will quit...job or no job lined up

I also had an interview with American Eagle on Thursday. They said that if they liked us, we would get a call by monday, so i am hoping that i get a call, but not planning on it.

Home life is just deplorable...Mom is still screaming at me and my sister like we are 5 (she is 26) if she doesnt quit it, im gone...Trudy volunteered to stow me in her suitcase

And to top everything off...I am still single, and still crushing on the straight guy at work...and i keep staring at him, if i stare anymore he will have a hole burned into him

High points:
Big Brother premiered and there is a hottie on named Drew who I just love....and of course...My crush shirtless, and in tight butt hugging baseball pants *dies*

Who wants to give me a job?

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