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I HATE MY JOB!!! Damn demonic children cost me my CITs not to mention most of my sanity!!! I soooo need to quit for my mental health *grumbles* I HATE MY JOB!!!!!

The only plus side to this whole experience is seeing my crush shirtless!!! I sooo want him *licks lips*

I slept 13 hours yesterday cuz i needed a break, and apparently it didnt work cuz my kids drove me insane again today!!! American Eagle didnt call me back so i think i am stuck here at camp until i am done with camp.. *begs to be shot now*

hwkeye82 sent me Texts that brought a smile to my face...he is soooo dreamy hott =)

And i was scarred for life today...Asshole counselor was changing after swim and i almost lost my lunch...seriously he is EWWWWWWWWWWWW

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