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Horrid day..but better than yesterday

It's true

Yesterday Demon children ran a muck and almost lost my voice screaming at in particualr was soooo bad that i sent him to the biggest supervisor i could...and she fucking gave him a reward for disobeying me...I was fuming and scared everyone i knew...they ran the other way...then ass counselor wanted me to give him a ride 3 blocks top his car...excuse you dumbfuck why on Earth would i go out of my way to give you a lift 3 blocks???

Today was better...i had 5 kids for some of the being the pain in my ass. Then about an hour into the day, i got a new kid joining my group (who was at camp last year). I love this kid...hes sooo good...and he put the pain in the ass in his place.. Made my whole day.

Yesterday was cheered up though...I spoke to trudyblue and simply_jess on the phone...I was soooo excited SQUEEEEEEEEE

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