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Long Time updating

To begin with...Happy Birthday To JC...28 yrs young and still a hottie

Candy made a wonderful tribute page for it Candy's Birthday tribute

Work has lightened up a bit, still isnt perfect though. I still wanna murder some of the kids, but others are starting to act better

Thursday was like the bestest day was a staff softball game, where my crush was playing (and i did too)...during which mom calls and yells at me for stupid reasons *rolls eyes* After the game, 4 of us (crush, myself a supervisor whos pretty cool and another guy) go out to eat dinner...where crush starts acting like i have never expected anyone to ever act LOL started to talk about a rumor with some things....after dinner...we all decided that it was still early when someone we played softball with calls and asks if we wanted to go see the we agree...i wind up sitting next to crush (though nothing happened, except my knee occasionally rubbing up against his leg) it was nice...we hung out after that for like 10 min...then we headed home. i wish the night coulda went on forever. He was sooooo cuuute i just wanted to pull his face into mine and kiss him.

feenie and bostongirl2003 invited me out this weekend, but i didnt make it to ither nite, so Wed we are gonna do something i hope. and Tuesday is yet another softball game...UH i think i need to tell crush how i feel, but i dont wanna weird him out or anything :\

Other than that, nothing exciting has come anywhere near my life....I think Trudy and I should go back to Miami

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