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So WOW...Camp is over!!!

The staff party was going well....I was hanging with a couple of friends...only did one stupid thing..and i was drunk off my ass :p

1st bad thing that happened....i saw my crush kiss i downed the drink that was in my hand...i guess i knew he wouldnt kiss me but i didnt wanna see him kiss someone else...2nd my friend tried to make a move on me and kept kissing me and stuff....creeped me out lots...

After being drunk, my two underling counselors came upto me and were like 'did you eat yet?' I was like no...and they grabbed the drink outta my hand and made me eat...they were caring...made me a lil happier.

The stupid thing i did was i was wearing my friends sunglasses..and they fell behind this couch that happened to be up a when i leaned over to pick them up...i fell over it and busted my ass LOL

All in all it was better than it was bad....I want another Staff Party

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