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Stolen from Steven :p

Name: Thomas
-Birthday: December 24th
-Hometown: New York City
-School: State University of New York (SUNY) at Albany
-Do You Make Fun Of People?: depends on the person....if i like them i usually kid around with them, if not then i still kid around, but they dont get the humor
-Type of car you drive: '97 Jeep Cherokee
-Word or phrases you overuse: Woohoo!!, Fuck, bitch, YAY!, LOL
-Do you get along with Your Parents?: I get in tiffs with them, but usually yes
-Do you get into a lot of fights: Not physical ones, but i do get into verbal ones.
-What song's stuck in your head right now: Stuck by Stacie Orrico
-Have you ever cried watching a movie?: Duh! Of course...some movies just need to be cried at
-What really makes you mad: very dumb excuses, evil people who try to blame their stupidity on me
-Do you swear too much: - Ummm Duh! I'm 20 yrs old...of course i do =)~
-Do you dress like a /prep/snob/sporty/punk? I havemy own taste...I don't comform, i explore! People love my taste in stuff though
-Nicknames: Tom, Mike, TomMike
-Who's Your Role Model: Too many to name, but #1 on the list is my Uncle Matty (RIP 9-11-01)=)~
-Best thing you've done this year: Discoverred N99...made a huge batch of friends apartment like dorm, and its just May!!
Favorite color: either Blue or Hunter Green
-Favorite movie(s): Clueless, Bring It On, Legally Blonde, Walk to Remember, Spider-Man...
Favorite Type Of Music: I am very eclectic...but i usually listen to MainStream...but a good Radio Disney tune will be just as good =)~
-Favorite town to chill in: Haven't found a decent one yet
-Favorite Ice Cream: If its Ice Cream...its my fave flavor
-Favorite perfume/cologne: Hugo Boss, or Farenheit
-Favorite Song At The Moment: Tie between 3...You Thought Wrong by Tamyra Gray and Kelly Clarkson, Damaged by TLC, and Stuck by Stacie Orrico
-Favorite Subject In School: Lunch...nah just playing...depends on which school you are talkin about
-Favorite Sport To Watch: Prolly Baseball...but a good Hockey game works for me
-Least Favorite Subject in school: Eww!! I sooo hate Economics and Sociology
-What's your favorite sound: A good friend talking, Rain, laughter, music
-TV theme Song: You take the good you take the bad you take them all and there you have the Facts of Life :giggle...If you dont know..I'm an 80's fanatic
-Candy: OMG!! I love any kind of chocolate..but been lax on them since i started the diet
-Disney Movie: OMG I love them all...if you hate Disney..then you are disturbed
-Thing in Your Room: Is this my fave thing in my room, or just things in your room...if its dorm is my computer and my home room is prolly my Eeyore my sis bought me
Band: Hmm tough call...prolly TLC (I wish i could go see their last performance *cries*)
-Drink: Hmmm well water is up there but its prolly my Orange Sunrise Smoothie
-Board Game: Well Trivial Pursuit is an awesome game, but you just cant beat a goo dgame of monopoly
-Cartoon Character. POOH BEAR!!! OMG I love him to death!!!
-Soundtrack: Coyote Ugly soundtrack is by far the best that I own

In the last 24 hours have u? :
-Cried?: Nope...unless i did in my sleep
-helped someone?: Well not really helped...i picked mom up from her dentist appointment :\
-Cut your hair? Nope thats next week
-Been mean?: Me?! Mean?! Those two words can't really go together unless you really upset me
-Been sarcastic?: OMG!! What is this sarcasm thing you talk about?! :giggle...I am always sarcastic
-Had a serious talk?: Well not a serious talk, but i can usually have an hour conversation with my sister about stuff
-Gotten along with your parents? Of course...i usually do get along with them
-Fought with a friend? nope...Y should i?!
Have you ever...:

-Eaten an entire box of oreos?: ::blushes:: Ummm what ever gave you that idea?
-Eaten sushi? EWWW!! Nothing Raw ever enters my body!!! EWWW!!!
-Has someone been unfaithful to you: Ummm no relationship to ever have that happen in *runs crying from the room*
-Been on stage: Well once in third grade, and i did kareoke once...
-Gotten in a car accident: Yes...Some dumb fuck smacked into my car and the damn insurance company found me at fault >:
-Been to a concert: Ive been to lots of them...worst artist to see in concert from the acts i've seen is Mandy Moore...she does absolutely nothing on stage
-Stalked someone: Ummm...what gave you that idea...*hides in bushes*
-Been skinny dipping: I dont think i ever have...if i ever do though, i'll let ya know k?
-Gone out in public in your pajamas? Ive walked around my dorms in my boxers, not ashamed of my body
-Kept a secret from everyone?: Umm i think so...not too sure about it...i know i have kept secrets from certain people
-Had a crush on a teacher or Secretary?: nope....but i did on an old classmate...but she's waaaay too skinny now
-Found a cartoon character attractive?: Ummm lemme repeat my Sushi answer EWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!
-Ever met any famous bands/singers?: Stephen Jenkins in a bathroom before he performed, had Mandy moore sign a cd...some wrestlers, many baseball players (met Mickey mantle and Joe DiMaggio)

-BREAK ANYTHING? Have i ever broken anything...Ummm i think everyone has broken at least one thing!
-EVER HAD STICHES? Yup...2 and a half after i was hit by a car..
-BROKE A BONE? Nope...just skin a bunch of times :giggle
-SHAVED YOUR HEAD? I did when i was like 6 and had no choice of a hairstyle
-CUT OWN HAIR? Yup...i had Silly Putty caught in it though
-DYE YOUR HAIR? Yup...and i would do it again!!!
-EVER BEEN DEPRESSED? Yup....was a bad case too
- EVER BEEN EXTREMELY LONELY? yup...still am :( i am just waiting for the right person to come along
- Do u ever talk to Parking Meters, or any other inanimate object on the street? No but i talk to the voices in my head :giggle
-WORST PRESENT EVER RECEIVED: Umm well nothing is the worst, but i have a sweater that is a bad pattern and too small...but it isnt an awful thing...the thought is all that matters!!
-LONGEST WORK DAY EVER WORKED...ummm 13 or 14 hours with a short break
-Worst job- Ewww...i liked my jobs thank you very much!!!
- DO YOU FREQUENTLY BORROW PEOPLE'S CLOTHES? Ummm no...but you never know what might happen
Do u dream in Black n White, or Color? Color...i like colors =)~
-Can you truthfully say u DIDN'T like ANY of the Spice Girl songs? OMG!! I likes the spice girls for soo long...til they went all weird
- What's the first thing u do when u wake up in the morning? go back to bed =)~
-Cold or hot: Cold
-Blue or Red: Blue
-Rain or snow: Rain, snow is a pain in the ass to drive in

-Go to a Private school or public school: I went to private for 12 years, now im in public college
-Chocolate milk or plain milk: Both...they are yummy
-Celsius or Fahrenheit: Fahrenheit...I like when i can calculate things
-Spring or fall: Spring..everything is soo colorful and bright
-History or Science: Neither...gimme math!!
-Math or English: Math!!...Though i do like to write
-Alternative or Country: Country...cant you just hear the twang in the background lol

-Chocolate/Vanilla: Vanilla....mmmmmm
-Beach/Movies: Beach...Oooo what a nice date that would be
-Orange/Apple: Mmm Apples!!, though i do love citrus!!
-Sunburn/Rugburn: NEITHER!!! Ewww do u think i am some kind of pervert!!!
-Jump/Skip: Skip...i used to do it..and i still do from time to time
-Sing/Dance: Sing....Ooo i love to i just need lessons...i dance too much like a white guy LOL
-Night/Day: Night....been a night owl my entire life

-Surf/Lay Out: Oooo I wanna learn how to surf...i think it would be fun!!!
-Read/Write: both...hehe how do u get my ideas
-Happy/Sad: Happy...well duh!!
-Yellow/Purple: Yellow
Opposite Sex: What about them??? They can be hott, and they can be train wrecks!!
-Do you like someone right now from the opposite sex: Ummm well i did...but the chick was a bitch...moved on
-Do they know? Umm read above
-What do you look for in the opposite sex: Looks, personality and a sense of humor mixed up nicely

Do you like to...
-Give hugs? OMG!!! I SOO DO...YOU MUST HAVE ESP!!!
-Give back rubs? never have, willing to try ;)
-Take walks in the rain? Oooo they are just sooo soothing!!!

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