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My story

OK This is only the first half of it...I just wanted some opinions =)


It was almost dawn on Wednesday in Miami when the alarm began to buzz. Several pillows were thrown at it, before the tired, and frustrated hand stretched to turn it off. As the figure sat up, curses were mumbled and mutterred under his breath. JC cursed the damn machine and glared at the clock. Six in the morning, is what it read. He wonderred why it was set as he stumbled out of the bed, toward the bathroom. He had made sure to turn off the alarm before they went to the bar the night before. He ignored the clothes strewn about, figuring that it was just his clothes from the night before, as he went looking for the advil to help get rid of the headache that accompanied his hangover. He didn't seem to notice the massive amount of diamond jewelry on the counter. As he made his way back to the bed, however, he noticed the slumberring figure. He made the motion to the other side of the bed, and was shocked the sleeping figure was Justin. He looked around the room, and suddenly saw the many differences: the color of the walls, the texture of the carpet, the entire layout. He also noticed the clothes everywhere...including the trail of twin clothes that led from the door to the bed.

Under his breath, JC mutterred "What happened last night?"

They had gone to the bar, and JC knew he was plasterred out of his mind, but how on earth did he wind up in Justin's room, with Justin no less. He slowly maneuvered around the bed and noticed the open box of condoms that he saw Justin pack, as well as some other things he didnt want to see.

"Fuck me!" JC said as he grabbed his clothes and ran out of the room, not even with another thought.

As the door slammed shut behind JC, Justin was startled awake by the loud thud. He looks about the room, seeing if everything is in place. He is wonderring what he did the previous night. He had been drinking, so he didnt remember much. He remembers that several extremely attractive women had hit on him, and flirted as much as he could bear. He had walked away from them all, and had gone upto the guys. He looked around and noticed them; Joey was on the phone with Kelly and Brianna, Chris was talking to some guy about some sports team, Lance couldn't keep his eyes off of Chris as soemone was talking to him about being put in his next film, and JC being the charmer that he is with the bartender. They had talked for some time, and then Justin's mind went blank. He figured that one of the guys was probably with him and could tell him what happenend. He looked at the clock, and saw it was still early. He decided to get a good run in before meeting up with the guys in the lobby.

At around ten the same morning, everyone but Justin had gatherred in the hotel lobby to discuss the plans for the weekend.

"Well Friday is the big tip-off party for Challenge, Saturday is the skills, and Sunday is the game. So we have two days to chill before then." Chris said matter-of-factly.

Lance complied, "Yup, but i dont wanna do anything excruciating tomorrow, maybe just a movie and stuff."

Joey chimed in " Deal, but today we practice"

Just then, Justin came running through the lobby door, shirtless, after his long run. "hey guys, sorry I'm late" was all he could muster from his out of breath state.

"Hey J, we were just makin plans for the rest of the week." Chris replied, as he high-fived Justin. "We were just heading to the arena to do some practice"

JC seemed to have a sketchy feeling. His stomach quiverring over the idea of Justin bringing up any mention of the previous night. He didn't need anything coming up about him and what he and Justin did last night.

"Hey guys, do you know what happened to me last nite, cuz i can't remember anything after i started talking to you guys." Justin asked. He really wasn't prepared for the response he got.

Chris and Joey burst into laughter, followed by Lance. Chris spit out "Dude, no one has watched you since you were 18, and even then we didnt pay too much attention to what you did."

Lance noticed an uneasiness settling across JC's face, but decided it best not to bring it up. He may be thinking of something embarassing and not want to say it in front of Justin. Even the dumbest mind could see there was something between JC and Justin.

As the limo pulled up out front, Justin, Chris and Joey hopped in, and started to play around with buttons and the minibar. They started to yell for Lance and JC to hurry up, when Lance told them that they were gonna walk. JC started to protest but saw Lance's face and decided against it. The others shrug and close the door.

As Lance and JC start to walk, Lance tries to calm JC.

"Penny for your thoughts, C" Lance begins.

"Huh?!" C said, appearing surprised.

"What's up with you today C? You were fine 'til J showed up, then you got all weird...Did something happen between you two? Do you know what happened to him last night?"

"Nothing happenend" JC said, but the look he gave was an indication that he was lying.

"Dude, tell me the truth." Lance replied.

JC looked at Lance, who had the gleam of a little school girl who was about to get some juicy gossip. He rolled his eyes, "Fine, but you have to keep this under lock and key mister. Not a peep about it."

JC started to describe the events of the morning, waking up, the shock, the sudden shock, and just now. Lance listened intently, and giggled when JC was done.

"Dude, don't laugh, this is serious." JC demanded.

Lance couldn't help it, and replied with a smirk, "Dude, its about time something happened. I mean seriously everyone has been questioning you two since we got back from Germany."

"Seriously?!" JC questioned

"but the whole thing is, are you willing to sacrifice what we have to be with him? Do you love him that much?" Lance started to dig in.

"I don't know dude, I mean I never thoguht of it in that sense before."

"Well at least i'm not the only one crushing on one of the others," Lance confessed.

"Wha-huh?! What are you tellin me Bass??" JC pried.

"Dude, what does it look like I'm saying? I'm sayin that if given the chance, I would jump on Chris and give him the ride of his life." Lance dreamed.

"Bass, man TMI!" JC laughed, "It's not like you hide it too well though. You need to stop starin at him, unless you are willing to take the step yourself."

"Looks liek someone should take his own advice and put it to good work, sit him down and talk to him, C."

"I'll make a deal with you Bass. I'll talk to J, if you talk to Chris. Deal?"

"Deal!" Lance stuck out his hand and shook JC's, making it a real deal.

They finally arrived at the arena, and the guys started to chew them out about where they had been. Lance mumbled something about stopping to get a break. The guys started to poke fun, but laid off after realizing that it wasn't necessarily around the corner. They played a 2 on 2 game, with Chris actin as referee. They played for a long time, and each of them played referee once.

The day came to a close, and as tired as they were, they just passed out, not thinking of anything other than sleep, except JC. JC ponderred the question Lance had put before him. Would JC give up everything that they had made of themselves for Justin. It kept him up a bit of the night.

Thursday came up, and Justin forgot entirely about Tuesday night, which made JC breath a sigh of relief. He didn't know if he could ever lie to Justin's face about something like that. JC almost forgot about it himself, but the question that Lance asked him was eating him up. It got worse as Lance seemed to get closer and closer to Chris. He walked into the bathroom as Chris was getting out of the shower. Though Chris didn't look like he minded, he yelled at Lance to get out anyway. And now, while everyone is watchin a movie, Lance is cuddled up next to Chris..his head on Chris's shoulder. They even look like a real couple, JC thought. He felt a ping of jealousy, and knew why.

Friday came and no one really saw each other all day. Each member had interviews with different magazines. After the interviews were over, they started to get ready for that night's tip-off celebration. JC had thought alot more about the question and told himself that he would indeed give up everything to be with Justin... coming to term with who he was. Now he had to find out if Justin had felt the same.

Lance, finally gaining enough courage to do what he planned to do, went up to Chris and asked him if they could talk. They walked over to the VIP area and sat on the couch in the area. Lance began at the beginning and told Chris everything about his crush and how he was willing to give up everything. Chris burst out laughing, and after a good minute, and a scowl from Lance, he told Lance that he was aware that Lance liked him, and was waiting for Lance to actually be comfortable and ready for everything that could come out of it. Chris then leaned over and pressed a kiss to Lance's lips, and grabbed Lance's hand. He pulled the younger man to the dance floor.

From his vantage point on the 2nd floor balcony, JC caught everything, Chris and Lance's kiss and Justin's grand entrance. He looked down to see Lance look up at him and mouth "go for it". JC headed in the direction of Justin.

Lance smiled, and leaned to Chris's ear. He slowly whispered "'I wish we were in private, tucked away' from everyone." Chris cocked an evil grin, and he knew exactly what Lance had meant. "So do I" was all he replied.

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