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My story part II

This is the second part :)

JC had finally managed to make his way over to the bar, where Justin was hanging out. Justin was, of course, surrounded by many types of people; screaming fans, celebrity friends, and, of course, women trying to get him into bed. It was always like this when they were in a public arena. Justin always received most of the attention, while the others seemed to be non-existent. He orders a drink, and turns towards Justin, to find an extremely attractive blonde woman all over him. He thought to himself that there is definitely no chance Justin would ever get with him. When Justin looks over at JC, and sees his expression, he excuses himself from the woman, and tries to cheer JC up.

"Why so glum, chum?" Justin stated, trying to open the conversation.
", I'm not glum, just thinking," he replied.
"'Bout what?" Justin pried, trying to get more insight into JC's mind.
"Nothin' major, just something that has been puzzling me for a while."
"Well, Would you look at that," Justin said, trying to change the subject. "When did Lance finally get over himself and go straight forward with Chris?" He eyed the dance floor as Lance and Chris started to kiss.

"About ten minutes ago." slurred Joey who had sneaked in behind them. Joey was obviously drunk by the look, and smell, of him. "Now when are you two gonna get over yourselves?"

JC shot Joey a look that would have killed a normal man, while Justin tinged pink.

"Joe, I think you have had a little too much to drink tonight," was all the reply Justin could mutter.

trying to break the concentration of the conversation behind him, JC yells to the bartender "Can I please get another Jack & Coke?" The bartender nodded and handed JC the drink, to which he thanked the bartender. He picked up the glass, and swallowed the glass of brown liquid.

"Easy there, C. I don't really want to call an ambulance for you tonight." Justin commented, counting the cups on the bar. "No more drinking for you tonight, C. We have a busy day tomorrow and I seriously don't want to call that ambulance. Promise me you won't drink anymore."

"I promise, O.K.?!" JC slurred angrily. "I've had enough of this party anyway! later!" JC waved and walked through the entrance of the bar, knocking into two people as he left.

"Fuck!" Justin yelped. he grabbed his jacket and began to follow JC.

"We all know he wants you to, J." Joey said, a huge grin on his face.
"Huh? What did you say, Joey? Justin quickly released, feeling rushed to follow his friend out of the bar.

"Dude, you were just saying how Lance needed to get over himself. You are the one that needs to get over yourself. You don't think we notice how you two interact with each other every day. You flirt more than you actually realize, J. Trust me, he wants you, just like you want him." Joey explained. Even in his drunken state, Justin realized Joey was making some sense.

The words were sinking in, but Justin didn't have the time to process them. He rushed out of the door and ran to catch up to JC. He was surprised to find JC half a block down, leaning against the wall of a store. He threw his arm around JC and helped him to the hotel, all the while, repeating Joey's words in his head.

After Justin had managed to tuck JC into his bed, he walked out into the hallway of the hotel. He repeated the last part of what Joey said in his head. "Trust me, he wants you, just like you want him." Justin thought, "had it been that obvious?" He had been in love with JC since they were on the set of The Mickey Mouse Club. While many of the older kids had treated Justin like a child, JC actually treated Justin as an equal peer, with the respect he gave everyone.

The elevator dinged, jarring Justin from his thoughts of the past. Emerging from the elevator were Chris and Lance. They didn't even seem to be wasting time, as they walked to their hotel room. When Lance opened his eyes to guide them, he poked Chris when he saw Justin in the hallway. They explained that Joey was still at the bar, and they left word with the bartenders that Joey is not to have anymore to drink.

"Why do you look so shocked to see me in the hallway?" Justin questioned, cocking an eye brow.

Chris and Lance looked at each other, almost as if they were communicating through telepathy. "We heard you left with C to come back here, man."

"I did, he's in his bed." Justin replied, pointing to the door. "What did you think? That we were in there hooking up?" Justin pressed harder, interrigating them.

Lance smiled, while Chris burst out laughing. "Duh!" He looked at Lance, who nodded, and continued. "Remember Wednesday, when you asked what happened to you Tuesday night?"

"Yeah," Justin said as he scratched his head, "still don't know what happened."

Chris smiled, "I know what happened, and now, thanks to Bass here, I know the full story." He kissed Lance on the forehead.

With that, Chris began to explain the story of the lost night. How Justin had walked up to them, brushing off anyone who got in his way, including beautiful women who tried to pick him up. He had gone straight to JC and started to have a conversation with him. Everytime someone came up to them to interrupt, including Chris himself, Justin gave them a stare so cold and horrifying that it could scare the strongest man. Chris explained that Justin had kept ordering drinks for JC and himself. After about an hour of being alone, Justin had led JC to a private corner in the VIP area and started to make out with him. Not even twenty minutes after that, They were seen leaving the bar together.

Then Chris proceeded to explain what Lance had told him. How JC had woken up, and gotten scared. How the uneasiness when he saw Justin the following morning.

Justin had been listening intently, and snapped from thought when Chris had asked "What are you gonna do J?"

Justin shook his head. All of this information surged back through his head, making him relive the night. It all flooded back so quickly into his head, including the hotel room. He couldn't help but smile as he remembered, as Chris and Lance noticed.

Justin proceeded to stand up, and remarked "Wow, I can't believe it. I think I need to talk to C about this." With that, Justin removed JC's hotel keycard from his pocket, and slipped it into the lock. It unlocked with a click, and Justin smiled.

"Good Night guys!" Justin smirked as he closed the door.


The following morning came as natural to Justin. He woke up, yawned, rubbed his eyes, and kissed JC's neck. He knew he could get used to this, cuddled up next to JC, sharing his body warmth. He felt a nudge and knew that JC was waking up.

Slowly, JC had unfurled himself from Justin's arms, and slid out of bed. His red silk boxers hugged his nice firm body, and accentuated his butt. When he finally realized he wasn't alone, he cursed under his breath and shook his head, about to cry. He couldn't believe that he wound up with someone, and when he turned around to see who it was, he was full of surprise.

"Morning, C" Justin said smoothly, with a smile to his face.
"Ummm...Morning, J." JC said, a bit confused.

Justin proceeded to get out of the bed, pushing the sheets off of himself to reveal the black silk boxers over his sleek smooth body. He walked over to JC, and kissed JC's soft-as-silk lips. JC stepped back, even more confused than before.

"J, what are you doing? Am i dreaming or something?" JC questioned, nervously looking around.
"Doing what I have wanted to do for a long time now." Justin replied with a smile. He reached his hand up and touched JC's face, and looked at him adoringly. "Chris told me what happened the other night."

JC smiled a little, and leaned into Justin's hand. He grabbed Justin's other hand and led him to the bed to sit down. "J, I need to tell you something. I love you. I know it seems...untimely...and i was 'trying to keep my feet before i fall' in love with you, but its too late. We have known each other for years. I know you probably don't feel the same -."

Justin didn't even let JC finish. he had leaned over and pressed a long kiss onto JCs lips. He broke the kiss to say, I love you too, C. More than words can describe." He brought his fingers up to JC's jaw and traced his jawline. He leaned over and pressed another kiss on JC's lips. He gently leaned JC back onto the bed, and laid down beside him.

"I can see me being happy like this for the rest of my life." Justin's comment made JC's heart flutter. Justin took his phone off the table next to him and called Chris. He explained what had happened and that they may be a little late for the skills challenge. JC saw the devious look on Justin's face and smiled. he knew he would love waking up next to Justin for the rest of his life.

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