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First week

So lets see..

First thing is first..I am back at school again..only been here a week. My suitemates are really cool this year, almost liek my sophmore year. One of them is cute..nice tantoned body..but other than that they are weird a bit...They are Juniors, are dungeon and dragon playing pothead alcoholics. I mean i dont mind it at all..they dont force me to do shit...just do it when they want. And when i cam eup..they were so inviting to me..felt nice.

I also am starting to reconnect to a bunch of people online that i havent talked to in like ages. Its nice to know.

Classes are as boring as shit...i almost passed out in like all of them...thats what i get for taking 4 upper level history classes in a semester...but the theater class im in, a voice class, is pretty cool even though the teacher seems to be missing a screw here and there.

Now onto the ranting:

Family rants : My mom is mad at me for some strange reason..all i get from her this week is nothing but attitude. Dad is a lil odd...hes on edge but hes not..hes always been hard to explain..My sister came up for the weekend to visit her bf, but we hung out alot. The only thing i have to say about her is that she was soo nice to me, but i couldnt stand watchin her and her bf kiss.No other family rants, cuz i didnt deal with any other family this week.

Guy rant: Randy has been nothing but schmucky to me since i like met him. Friday nite i called him while i was at the bar with my was a drunk call, obviously, but he didnt answer..and i know he wasnt working or sleeping. So to say that is over...he can kiss my ass...he can talk to me when he feels like it.

Praieses: Ooo YAY on the opposite side of Randy (Schmuck) I started talkin to a guy from NYC today. He was sooo amazingly sweet to me, and hes cute too. We are hopefully going to meet up when i go home next time and see what happens.

Here he is

I also have been psychotically addicted to icon making again..and i made some really nice ones. If you want, i can make you one, if you tell me who you can also use any of them if you want..but upload thenm to your own server.

Lance and Emannuelle Kelly Clarkson Hilary Duff
*N Sync Tyler Hilton Hayden Pantierre
Andy Roddick Anne Hathaway

And i made a Westlife one...but I made it especially for someone, so please don't take this one.

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