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Weird Weekend this weekend was fun yet odd..

I decided to hitch a ride home on Friday with my sister's was kool and after like 2 and a half hours in the car with him..we talked about alot of, stories about families and other things. got home, ate dinner, and had me a Buffy marathon..watched liek 8 hours of Buffy.

Saturday came and i woke up at liek 1 in the worked out well cuz when i got up i was informed that there was a mass for my uncle out by my i got dressed and stuff and we headed out the island...then came home and had pizza for dinner. At liek 830 diggybear picked me up and we picked up feenie and went to the movies...when we got there, the movies were like sold out for a bit...we wound up getting tickets to Paparazzi (great movie!! like 20 thumbs up)..and went bowling for an hour...feenie whooped our butts (well not literally..she beat me by 2 LOL) we went back to the thater and saw the movie...afterwords we went out for Gelkato at Piu Bella's (a restaurant in Forest Hills). Then we took feenie home and then diggybear went ot my house..she wound up meeting my brother and mother...which isnt a plus..and then she went home

Today..Randy started talking to me..sayin that he now has time off so we can hang out. I hope we do but at the same time i know it isnt likely to happen. And then im fun stuff.

Class tomorrow so byebye

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