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Where to begin this entry?!

So The weekend flew by...and I played Sims LOL

I went to class yesterday...and my voice teacher was being such a bitch...she had a nasty attitude...i wanted to shove my foot up her ass, but i didnt care, i came home and played Sims =p

Today I got back my Italian Ranaissance test...i did sooo bad on this test..i thought a 0 woulda been promising...and i got an 81 I was like OMG!! Then i cam eback to my room and had a "study" session with 3 of my Voice class peers to work on our scene...POINTLESS....stupid thing was a waste fo like 20 minutes. Then i came here and talked to my friends all nite

I made a Westlife CD today and holdmesam made me 3 icons *SQUEEEEEEEEEEE* Val I love them all


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