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Long time, no update

WOW where to start with this update!

First off thanks to holdmesam and pamelajoy I have a wonderful layout that i love to death...i wanna give it big squishy huggles. Then Thanks to the tutorials trudyblue sent me...I made 2 wonderful mini movie icons, which i will post below. Then wintumn helped me to make the colorbar i posted before and now i am just squealing with delight...add all this to be topped off with the wonderful wallpaper goneplatinum made me and i think i should faint.

The weekend went ok...Drama chick bought me a Westlife CD and some food, but other than that she was making me uncomfortable...she kept telling me that she loved me and stuff...and she showerred once while she was here..all 3 days and she took one shower *EWWWW*. My sister kept telling me that i should date her. *shudders*

Other than that...nothing exciting to report...still working on wintumn's surprise...hopefully it will be done by sunday night.


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