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Fun update

Well i will just post about Halloween weekend just because my life sucks for any other reason

Friday, i fixed my car...the stupid piece of crap's battery died...while i was out, i applied for a job at Sears and they told me i didnt meet their requirements...i swear i cant do a fucking electronic test thing to save my life... I came back to find that i missed my class. Then i went and did laundry. Left albany about 530ish...when i got home i ate some market..yum!...and then went bowling with Diggy. It wound up turning into drunk bowling cuz her friend is "unique" and "friend" came too. I found out that "friend" thinks im confused about what i want *shakes head* I wound up getting home about 315ish....and passed out within minutes

Sat i woke up late...and had to help my sister move her couches to the basement cuz shes getting new ones and had to get rid of the old ones...that took like 10 minutes..seriously.
Then we went and visited my aunts grave and looked around at the tombstones.I went home and ate dinner and then got ready to go to a party (it was thrown by the guy i posted about a couple of months ago)... It was great..Diggy and I had sucky ass costumes though... I was a construction worker and she was a penguins fan LOL. But the sad part was that like only half the party was dressed in costume. Anyway...i wound up meeting up with a guy that i went out with once...and found out he was sean's ex (WAKE UP CALL). Didnt matter though... I had a blast..wound up hitting on a straight 26 yr old who dressed like a raccoon...he was sexy. Then he left to go somewhere else and like it didnt go downhill but whatnot...I was too far gone to care...I woudn up hanging all over this guy Fabian, a complete stranger to me, and we wound up making out in the kitchen...this was fun. =) Then i wound up dragging Sean into the kitchen and started to make out with him (GOD im such a slut)...the party didnt go much longer though and we wound up taking 2 people home..the guy i went out with once and some other dude (i dont remember anything about how he got in with us). Well him and the guy i went out with were getting very very raunchy in the backseat and we almost like OMG! The dude wound up giving Diggy 25 bucks for the ride...AWESOME!! Then the dude i went out with was dropped off and i went home...soooo much fun =) Sean called me the next day *swoons*

Sunday...pretty lazy day..stayed home and lounged til it was time to leave *shrugs* now im back to school

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