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Life...or something like it

Ok to start with...My family is horrid. I finally got sick and tired of being walked all over this weekend..No one in my family ever had respect for me. I finally gave up caring about anything. My sister treats me like crap, my other sister uses me for her advantage, the third sister is just useless. My brother..hes a joke..if it doesnt have any gain for him he wont even listen to you. Mom treats me like a slave and Dad just isnt around. Not caring has helped a bit, because no one really bothers me anymore...gee such a plus

Relationship...ya theres a joke. I havent been in one and i probably never will be. People just seem to be disinterested in me, but what can you do..I know im not hott or any kind of good looking for them to even be superficially attracted to me

Work bites. Bosses are lazy shits and are pointless . They work me like a packhorse and pay me shit for it. I probably have like a hernia and a half from it

As to top everything off...i got my grades form last semester...a b 2 cs and a E (F). And do you know the dribble class is one of the Cs...i failed a class i thought i was gonna pass *shakes head* I need to work my ass off this semester to graduate.

And thats my life for a week *fun*

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