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Yup..Ive been neglecting my LJ again, but i think LJ will be happy.

I uploaded my new header ( Thank you holdmesam ), my new mood theme courtesy of its_davy_baby and justygirl82. and my new Bry icon that i made :D

I started back at school last week and to say I am mildly unhappy. I got all of my classes that i need to finally graduate, which is a plus. But my new suitemates suck beyond belief...i actually miss my old suitemates.

Classes ya they are gonna go sooo well...8 am EVERY DAY!!! Seriously..cant they offer the classes i need at decent times?! and Tuesday and Thursday i only have that class *shakes head*

To top that all off..ya lets add the 2+ FEET of snow outside, add in -13 degree temerature and stir til we have a very sick and frozen me! Grrrr!!

We shall see what the new week takes us to do.

I just have to use this mood cuz its MARK!! *SQUEEEE*

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