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New entry

I check everyday at all the new posts but never have anything interesting to post about me

Well today was a bit different but not too unusual.

I went to my classes (THE HISTORY OF CHINA SUCKS MY ASS) came back in time for the repairman from Sears to come yet again with a new motherboard and CPU for the computer (the third set of em). he fixed up my computer and it runs nice..except for some reason i cant figure out why the clock on my computer was set for 9:45 AM on January 4th of 1980...i mean seriously.

I actually sat and talked with my hott suitemate (newbie suitemates this semester) and we found to have alot in was fun hanging with him for like 6 hours...3 of which his friends were here...they were nice but a lil over the top.

I played some fucked up game on his modded Xbox called Bible Buffet *shakes head* that is the funniest yet dumbest game ever!

Other than that..i came back here and chatted...normal pissed because instead of NBC actually putting on Law and order, they put on a katie FUCKING Couric special about teen sexuality...i dont give a rats ass about teen sexuality...give me law and order!

I also talked to randy...yes im a fucking glutton for punishment...he started to go on about his boy toy...but they never spend time together...and what does stupid me say to him...That im jealous of the boy *bangs head into desk* I hate myself sometimes...i really need to find me someone who wont treat me like shit!

*grumbles about how society is out to get him and walks away*

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