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Ummm...Old but new

Well i deleted alot of entries...but i wanted to save this one for the AIM convo...hehe and for the pic and adorabile. (LJ finally let me edit entries)

Uggh! I've been home for 4 days and I already wish I was back in school. There is nutin to do at home. All my friends at home have gone to hang with their new friends...leaving me outta the picture :\, I still haven't been in a relationship...and College is nutin like it is portrayed on TV.
I came home thursday night, so there was nutin really to complain about there...i unpacked the car, and had cake (my sis's Birthday). Friday came along and I ran a whole bunch of errands, got a haircut, bought Sims Superstar (which i havent played much), and bought some things. I went out with my sister (diff sis than the birthday one [i have 3]) We went to see a friend of ours (whom she is obsessed with) play a gig with his band, then another with a diff band of his...came home about 330 and went to bed. yelled at by my family for not switching comps back...and yelled at more cuz i didnt give my bro the password to my comp. Whatever! hung out in N99 chat and that was about it...nutin exciting.
Yesterday...i got woken up at 930 (UH! If you know me...i'm not up b4 11 at the earliest, unless i need to be) cuz the computer wasnt working...the plug wasnt in all the way. I bitched to my brother that he needs to be quieter when he gets up...i heard him get up at a quarter to 8...and he says thats decent for a sunday >=( Well then i watched the season finales of Simpsons and Malcolm. went to bed at about 430 this morning... and was woken up at 730 cuz my cats popped the screen outta the window....and 2 had gotten out (didnt get far though). Then i took my sis's car to the mechanic cuz it was sounding funny, bought my sisters and mom breakfast (dad and bro had left) relaxed for a bit, drove mom to work, came home...took a nice long relaxing bath...and poof here I am.

I created a quiz was a really bad quiz...I cant edit it...and i put the wrong answer for one of i think i will create a new quiz and post it here...=)~

Onto my favorite topic...Rick =)~
We haven't really had a great coversation as of late...last time was up at school...we talked about growing up in the 80s...He had the most adorable Away message...he wanted to be 9 again so he could wear G.I. Joe Underoos...this was like ultra adorable to me (and i told him i'd try to find some that fit him =)~ ) Well he took my Quiz and got 2 outta 10...i took his and got 3 outta i tried to set up a "date". He had to go was 330 in the morning and he had work in 4 hours =( but he did send me a new picture...I must like seriously fallen for him.

Then just now...some fat cow cursed STeve Stud Muffin i cursed the dumb cow out
C*****: HI!
Samyjoboxer: hi whats your name
C*****: TOmMike you?
Samyjoboxer: r u there
C*****: ya...whats your name
Samyjoboxer: Sammy-Jo
C*****: ooo nice name
C*****: where u from?
Samyjoboxer: edinburgh
Samyjoboxer: what age r u
C*****: Oooo I am a US boy :-D
C*****: im 20 u?
Samyjoboxer: im 21 nearly the same babe
C*****: Ooo cool...and u live in must know Steven....isnt he just the dreamiest
Samyjoboxer: no i dont
Samyjoboxer: which part of uk do u live
C*****: Edinburgh
C*****: Ya i heard you cursed him out
Samyjoboxer: where about in edinburgh
Samyjoboxer: what do u mean
C*****: Take your fat ass and go walk around your house...let ya lose about 4 tons
C*****: then when you are done...go get plastic surgery so you can correct your horse face

Twas fun it was
and that is the end of my excitement today =)...But i wish Rick would come back on so i can talk...Adorability...I call him Mr. Adorable..cuz of him =)

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