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You scored as Brooke Davis. You're most like Brooke Davis. Congratulations. She's by far my favorite female character!


Haley James-Scott




Brooke Davis




Peyton Sawyer




Which of the One Tree Hill girls are you? (2)
created with

You scored as Sorority Slut Barbie. You are Sorority Slut Barbie!! Lucky You!!


Sorority Slut Barbie


Exotic Dancer Barbie


Transgender Barbie


Barbie got Back


Goth Barbie


Gansta Bitch Barbie


Which Funny Barbie Are You?
created with

Take the quiz: "What is your favorite sexual thing (FUNNY PICS!)"

Oral Sex
You just LOVE cum! You will do anything to suck/lick someone of the opposite/same sex. Your yummy.,...mmmm fun

Take the quiz: "What's your kissing style??"

You're a Kute Kisser
0 and 15: You're a Kute Kisser! A Kute Kisser enjoys being sweet and charming. You're the kind of person who naturally is more loving and gentle. You like to be romantic by kissing slowly while stroking your partner's face or by holding their hand. You feel that a kiss is an intimate act of sharing, not just physical fun. You are sensitive to your partner's needs and view your time with them as precious. You like to take your time, and your favorite way to kiss is tenderly. While kissing you listen to your heart and think about how much your partner means to you. Overall you are the most caring and sensitive of all the kissing styles, and you take very good care of your partner by always putting their feelings first.

Take the quiz: "What piercing are you?"

You're the popular girls at school. You like your lip gloss, boys You are confident and have fun with your friends but you dont like to mix with the unpopular kids

Take the quiz: "are u a moaner, heavy breather or a screamer"

you're a moaner....a lot like a lot of other people........not bad

You Are 56% Femme and 44% Butch!

80 - 100% Femme - You're the girly girl of the century. Or Clay Aiken.

60 - 79% Femme - Girl? Almost certainly. If not, you've got some major man boobs going on.

40 - 59% Femme - Girl or guy? Even your best friends can't figure this one out.

20 - 39% Femme - You are likely male, or the toughest, scariest lesbian around.

0 - 19% Femme - You are 100% male. You make cowboys look like pussies.

How Butch or Femme Are You?

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You Are the Very Gay Winnie the Pooh!

Come on, he doesn't wear pants!
And he's a little too obsessed with Christopher Robin


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