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a Response

They do try hard to make me feel
That I don't matter at all
But I refuse to falter
In what I believe
Or lose faith in my dreams

So yes I am still alive, though after that post i got a lil too much sleep. It took some alone time to think about it, and the kind words of a few of my lovely friends to make me realize what i was actually upset about was absurd to even think of.I came to the conclusion that loev is a very fickle thing and though i'd like to have it probably wont happen now.

My family, ya, i cant change them from being self involved...but i can honestly say that one of my sisters noticed that i wasnt myself and tried to cheer me up. and though i do not look forward to the wedding i have in April to attend, i have friends to hang with.

As for the replies to my last post, hwkeye82, 3ebmadrigal, ebullient_k, feenie, pinkyogamuffin, kicksav29, and diggybear i give big hugs to you allyour words helped me to clear my mind

mattymattymatty, Thank you for IMing me with huge hugs and making sure i was always sane enough by complimenting me to no end *giggle*

wintumn, are just constantly listened to me whine and complain for so long and about every little thing known to man, and still had the semblance to cheer me up with songs, witty banter and stupid links...and constantly told me that i was an idiot for being down and i wasnt allowed to be depressed for stupid things

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