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BryMark *Slash story*

Title: *untitled*
Author: Me :)
Pairing: BryMark
Part: 1
Disclaimer: This is only true in my head...not in real life
Warning: Slash

Bryan groaned and pulled a pillow over his head. The carolers on the street had decided to try and spread the holiday cheer to the neighborhood, but Bryan wasn't in any kind of mood to deal with them.This was the first holiday he was actually going to be alone. His parents had taken Sue on vacation, and Kerry had left him, taking Molly and Lily-sue with her, leaving him alone in their house, alone. The house was empty of the joyous life it once had carried with it.

Bryan felt depressed, and didn't know what to do or who to turn to to help out with the situation. He didn't know the number where his family was at, and he wasn't sure how the other lads had felt about him. Since he had left the band, he didn't talk to the other guys as much as he used to. He didn't feel as close to them as he once was. He had called the guys at least once a week, but it wasn't like what he expected. The resentment from Kian, the hurt from Mark, the anger of Shane, and the tiredness of Nicky. He had tried to work through everything with them, but only seemed to patch stuff up with Mark. When Bryan called Mark the first time, Mark had told Bryan how he felt hurt, that Bryan would just up and leave without telling anyone, but they worked through it.

Bryan just couldn't stand the thought of being alone anymore that night. He looked at the clock and saw that it read 10:09. He prayed that it wouldn't be too late to call, but picked up his mobile and punched in the familiar number.


Mark had decided to have a quiet night, like many he had. Kian had tried to persuade him into going to a record release party with him and Jodi, and hoped to try and get Mark some company for the night, but Mark declined. Mark hadn't really gone out with anyone since Bryan had left the group, he felt too hurt, and was afraid of what would happen next. He tried to selude himself from everyone that could potentially hurt him. Kian had spent a solid twenty minutes trying to get Mark to come out, but finally gave up. "I don't even know why i try anymore." he sighed. Mark settled in and read some reviews of the new album, all being more than gracious with their ratings. He answerred a couple of fan letters, but nothing enthusiastically. He turned on the bathtub to take a long relaxing bath to clear his head. He heard his mobile ring from the other room, and went to retrieve it. Half expecting Kian, Mark flipped it open and sighed.

"Ki, I don't care who is at the stupid party, I'm still not going." Mark breathed into the phone, trying to hide his annoyance at Kian.

Bryan laughed, "Kino still trying to get you to go out?"
Mark, relieved that it wasn't Kian, chuckled into the phone "Of Course, when isn't he trying? I think he only wants me to go so he can torture me."
Mark turned off the faucet and let the tub drain, knowing that Bry was going to keep him on the phone for a while. He went to the living room of his apartment and lounged on the sofa, all the while talking to Bryan.


Bryan, having moved from the bed, had wanderred into the kitchen and fixed himself a drink. He asked Mark how the band was, and what they were planning next. He must have talked to Mark for what seemed liek hours, but actually only being a half an hour. Bryan thought about asking Mark over, but the words ran through his head: "Ki, I don't care who is at the stupid party, I'm still not going." Bryan still felt alone, and thought he should ask at the least, worse thing comes of it, Mark would say no.

"Hey, you wanna like come over and hang out for a bit?" Bryan asked nervously.


Mark had heard the question, and was contemplating his thoughts. He thought that Bry might be alone, considerring that he was in that big house without the kids. Normally, Bryan would be almost passed out this time of night, if he was even standing at all. He surrenderred the thoughts, and came to a decision.

"Sure Bry, I'll be there in a few.

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Tags: bry/mark

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