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a lets-not-shit-on-Thomas-and-get-him-to-have-a-nervous-breakdown-and-depress-him day

Today was a completely different day in my OMG not one fight in the house...and its actually sitting here without the TV on, writing instead of what i normally do.

Went to bed at like 6 this morning cuz i was talking to musickel77 and trudyblue all night *giggle*

I woke up at like noon, had breakfast bought for me which shoulda clued me in on how the day went...went for my blood test, which was like 15 minutes out of my life...came back..and had pizza for sister came by and creeped me out a bit but i REFUSE to think about that again *shudders at thought*

Me and my sister OnDemand-ed Cellular...which was a GREAT movie..i rec it to everyone..she baked Cookies which i couldnt have due to Lent..but that ends tomorrow nite YAY!! and One Tree Hill Concert tomorrow with diggybear

Brie..I need to talk to you On something about what happened tonite..but nothing bad

I think i should write BryMark while im in this mood

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