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I think i died and went to heaven...this weekend my family didn't fight once...and except for slight irritation today, didnt bother me at all!

I got up very early Sat morning to do some shopping with myu sisters..and had diggybear (who is awesome) meet up with me there...had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory...then went to her place to grab some essentials for the trip.

Got to Philly at about 6ish..lounged around the hotel room for like an hour and a half, then walked to the place (Theater of Living Arts) to which i find that Bethany is on stage singing already...which irked me but it happens (we were early and she was an act on the tour). bout 915ish Tyler hit the stage..and the trip was just made its worth with just him...AWESOME act to watch...then the Wreckers came on...they were outstanding..and Michelle performed 2 solo hits too *SQUEEEE*

Got back to the hotel..and sat there relaxing til we fell asleep at like 2 up at a quarter to 10..showerred and got ready for checkout at breakfast and left Philly.

Got back to NY at about my pictures out of development and took Dad to sears..and helped him to do something *rolls eyes* my dad has some weird ideas with "home improvements"

Sat here...and ate dinner..nothing big...had ice cream cake...first chocolate since Lent began...and it was damn good...watched a great DH too..

Then i did the biggest thing so far...i sat and talked with mom and i came out to her...she was ok with it, though she had questions *and comments i will def need therapy for*....and thats the extent of my Nite!!! YAY me!!

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