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Ehh nutin bigg til today

Well, nutin really big has happened to me this summer (as of now), Got my grades, did bad (A, C E, E (E = F)), became infatuated with a guy...more on that later, applied at a day camp, had an interview today, got a new song on my mind (like that takes much :giggle)...watched a couple of movies.

Last week I did absolutely nutin, until Friday...starting Friday i started to clean my house...and spent the weekend doing that...was supposed to go to my sis's friends but it fell through. Today i did more stuff than i have all week. After getting up at 9AM, i showered did stuff blah blah to my interview at 12....and got the job. I will be leading 16 8 yr old boys, with 2 assistants, and getting 1400 bucks for the summer...minus tips. After this i went to my aunt's house...she is the best aunt in the world. I helped my cousin run after her 3 yr old son (shes pregnant that's why)...and had lunch...hung out for a bit...met the contractor on her house. Then came home when they left. relaxed the rest of the day.

Now on to Rick. I had suspicions that I was being played from the start but i thought it was just cynical me..and shook it off..then i got the feeling i was getting strung along...but shook that off too...he didnt seem to help much by sending me pictures. Well today i sent him an IM at 10..we chatted (though he seemed focussed on other things)...then i had to leave...I came back...and he was on for a while...and no IMs....he never seems to send me an IM...rude bastard! i figure what the hell...if he doesnt wanna be interested then i wont force him...if he wants to talk..let him IM me.

Then talked with Steven Stud Muffin and we made a deal...if we are still talking in 2 yrs (after i finish college) we will meet each Paris. where else but there can we truly have fun!! He posted that he dressed as a pirate for his job (which surprised me)...and i thought it sounded cute (looked better in my head :wicked) Then i put my NeoPets into a lodge..and helped Dana with her homework a lil....Now i am planning on watchin Ghost Ship...Saw Darkness Falls (EXCELLENT SCARY MOVIE!!!)

Talked with my friend Joe (hes gay) and he went to sing Kareoke tonite!! He has such an awesome voice!!! I swoon over him all the time (he has a boyfriend). he said he would send me pics if i get them, ill post them.
Have fun guys

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