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BryMark part 2

Title: *untitled*
Author: Me :)
Pairing: BryMark
Part: 2
Disclaimer: This is only true in my head...not in real life
Warning: Slash

As Mark drove to Bryan's, he couldn't help but to think how did he manage to persuade him to leave his apartment. He chalked it up to circumstance, and clicked on the radio, hoping the music would clear his mind, but it didn't help much.

"Well it's true, it's true
Fate will twist the both of you
So come on baby, come on over
Let me be the one to show you"

Mark rolled his eyes. It would figure that a Westlife song would be on the radio. The song soon ended, and Mark sighed, thinking how he thought he could escape their music. he reminisced about the times they had, both on and off camera. He had honestly missed the air of fun that Bryan's goofiness had brought with them everywhere. Hell, he just plain missed seeing Bry around all the time. Bry was the only person that could ever manage to get Mark to go to the bars and clubs.

Mark shook his head, rattlinmg all his thoughts in his head. Why was he thinking so much about Bry? Its true that he missed him, but was there something else. He shook his head again, claiming it was circumstance because he was going to Bry's.


Bryan realized what he had done, but didn't think anything of it. He surveyed the disaster of the room, sighing as he thought to clean it. Mark has actually seen the place worse than this, but its still nice to clean for company. Bry tried to pick up the toys scattered aimlessly all over the floor, but just couldn't bring himself to do it. It brought some sadness to even think it.

He picked up some scatterred alcohol bottles that were scatterred around. Had he really drank that much tonight? He put all the bottles in the sink, planning on rinsing and recycling them later on. He turned on the radio, only to hear happier sounds from his past.

"Well it's true, it's true
Fate will twist the both of you
So come on baby, come on over
Let me be the one to show you"

Bryan couldn't help but laugh when the song erupted from the stereo. He rememberred back when they recorded it, to when he had been imitating Shane, and had Mark is laughter for the entire time. Shane had given him a look that could have killed a normal person, but mark's laughter had kept him strong and alive. He picked up some dishes and cups and put them in the dishwasher, and turned it on. He organized the stacks of mail, mostly offers to credit cards and catalogs. He threw some dirty laundry into the bedroom, he couldn't be arsed to do it now. The sound of the doorbell disturbed him from his thoughts of cleaning. As he was walkign to the door, he passed a mirror and started to gussy himself up. He looked at the reflection and burst out laughing. Why was he gussying himself up, it was only Mark at the door.

The doorbell rang again, something Mark never did, being the patient one. He looked at the clock : 10:53. Who would be coming by at this time of night? "Who's there?" Bryan chimed out, as he was walking to the door, but got no reply. He opened the door and was surprised at what he saw at the door.


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Tags: bry/mark

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